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Edition 229 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Captain America (from Archive)
Movin’ On (from Sweets For My Sweet)
Invasion (from Kingdom of Madness)
Kingdom of Madness (from Kingdom of Madness)
Changes (from Magnum II)
So Cold the Night (from Magnum II)
Great Adventure (live) (from Magnum Live EP)
All Of My Life (live) (from Marauder)
Soldier of the Line (from Chase the Dragon)
The Lights Burned Out (from Chase the Dragon)
Sacred Hour (live) (from Back to Earth)
Back to Earth (from Back to Earth)
The Prize (from The Eleventh Hour)
Road to Paradise (from The Eleventh Hour)
Just Like An Arrow (from Just Like An Arrow)
On A Storyteller’s Night (from On A Storyteller’s Night)
All England’s Eyes (from On A Storyteller’s Night)
Vigilante (from Vigilante)
Need a Lot of Love (from Vigilante)
Days of No Trust (from Wings of Heaven)
Don’t Wake the Lion (from Wings of Heaven)
Rockin’ Chair (from Goodnight L.A.)
Shoot (from Goodnight L.A.)
The Spirit (live) (from The Spirit)
Only in America (from Sleepwaking)
The Flood (from Sleepwaking)
Rock Heavy (from Rock Art)
The Tall Ships (from Rock Art)
One Sacred Hour (live) (from The Last Dance)

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Edition 220 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Hitherside – Blue Lotus
Andy Gillion – Black Lotus
Nailed to Obscurity – Feardom
Odd Logic – Chance of Gods
Red Cain – Zero
Vanden Plas – Three Ghosts
Apotheus – The Darkest Sun
Aspic – Stars Collide
Aeon Zen – The First and Only
Swallow the Sun – Firelights
TREP – The Time You Have Lost
Arctic Sleep – Welcome to the Harbor Light
Hemina – Nostalgia
In Mourning – Tribunal of Suns
Kadinja – The Right Escape
Rendezvous Point – Unfaithful
Uneven Structure – Innocent
Terazmaze – Fact Resistant Human
Voyager – Reconnected
Devin Townsend – Castaway/Genesis

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Edition 228 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Transatlantic – All of the Above (from SMPTe)
IQ – Harvest of Souls (from Dark Matter)
Heliopolis – Love And Inspiration (from City of the Sun)
Jet Black Sea – The Overview Effect (from The Overview Effect)
Porcupine Tree – Moonloop (Unedited Improvisation) (from Transmission IV)

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Edition 227 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Rush – The Spirit of Radio (from Permanent Waves)
Sons Of Apollo – Desolate July (from MMXX)
Magnum – Where Are You Eden? (from The Serpent Rings)
Major Parkinson – Jonah (from Jonah)
Stabbing Westward – Cold (from Dead and Gone)
Frost* – The Dividing Line (from The Philadelphia Experiment)
Rush – Anthem (from Fly by Night)
Rush – The Fountain Of Lamneth (from Caress of Steel)
Spock’s Beard – Waste Away (from Beware Of Darkness)
Fish – Black Canal (from Suits (remastered edition))
Rush – The Body Electric (from Grace Under Pressure)
Rush – Marathon (from Power Windows)
Nine Inch Nails – Every Day Is Exactly The Same (from With Teeth)
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – A Minute to Breathe (from Before the Flood)
Rush – Animate (from Counterparts)
Rush – Dreamline (from Roll the Bones)
Crimson Sky – Crimson Sky (from Dawn)
Harvest – Northern Wind (from Northern Wind)
Rush – One Little Victory (from Vapor Trails)
Rush – Headlong Flight (from Clockwork Angels)
Rush – YYZ (live) (from Exit…Stage Left)

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The Progressive Tracks #349 (The Underexposed)​

It’s a reality in the progressive rock world that ‘getting heard’ is difficult…even if you’re really talented.

This week we’ll explore some artists who, in my opinion, deserve way more attention than they’re getting.  And you’ll benefit from the introduction!


  • Jack O’ The Clock – “A Minor Disaster” from No Outlet on Independent (2020)
  • Smooth Kiwi – “Am I Asleep” from Am I Asleep – Single on Independent (2019)
  • Kenta Shimakawa – “Sunrise” from Glimpse on 1225889 Records DK (2019)
  • Kenta Shimakawa – “Glimpse” from Glimpse on 1225889 Records DK (2019)
  • Sunburned Hand Of The Man – “Agitation Cycle” from Headless on Independent (2019)
  • The Boy, The Bird & The Beast – “Black Marble (Year 1)“ from The Boy, The Bird & The Beast on Independent (2015)
  • The Boy, The Bird & The Beast – “Who Am I (Year 2)“ from The Boy, The Bird & The Beast on Independent (2015)
  • Minami Deutsch – “I’ve Seen A U.F.O.” from With Dim Light on Guruguru Brain (2018)
  • Solar Corona – “Lumen” from Saint-Jean-de-Luz  on Independent (2019)
  • Minami Deutsch – “Concrete Ocean” from With Dim Light on Guruguru Brain (2018)
  • Sunburned H – “The Great Hope” from Headless on Independent (2019)
  • Smooth Kiwi – “Fast Mystery” from Fast Mystery – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Kenta Shimakawa – “Oiseau” from Glimpse on 1225889 Records DK (2019)
  • Kenta Shimakawa – “Oiseau (Reprise)” from Glimpse on 1225889 Records DK (2019)
  • Jack O’ The Clock – “A Matron” from No Outlet on Independent (2020)
  • Jack O’ The Clock – “Numbers” from No Outlet on Independent (2020)

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Edition 194 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (414 in total), first broadcast 26 January 2020, is now also available to stream on demComing up in February on The Prog Mill…

Another CD Giveaway with a chance to win the superb Worlds of Yesterday album by Moonshot

An album launch special for the new John Holden album Rise and Fall, including exclusive first radio plays of several tracks, an exclusive interview with John, and a chance to win a signed copy of the album on CD!

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 110

2019 Album Round Up

Callooh Callay – Give
The Prophets Of Zarquon – The Gate
Devin Townsend – Sprite
A Formal Horse – Unison 3
A Formal Horse – Boarded Doors Reprise
The Far Meadow – Sulis Rise
Seven Steps To The Green Door – A Price To Pay II
Barock Project – Seven Seas
Texle – 1975
Skylake – Haste
Karfagen – Dragon Island (Single)
Art In America – Facelift
Jon Anderson – Activate
Anthony Phillips – Caprice In Three
Gabriele Baldocci – Love of My Life
Big Big Train – The Florentine
Bill Bressler – The Walk
Camel – Chord Change


Broadcast 26th January 2020

·         Buy Me An Island Audience
·         Nas-FER-atu Blue Oyster Cult
·         Starman David Bowie
·         Cure of Change Green Desert Tree
·         Like The Beat of a Heart Dio
·         Is Anybody There Great White
·         Crossfire Kansas
·         Going For A Song Comedy of Errors
·         Idiot Prayer Porcupine Tree
50 YEAR OLD ROCK & ROLL 6-PACK Albums released in 1970
·         Morning Will Come Spirit
·         Them Changes Buddy Miles
·         The Bomber James Gang
·         Friends Die Easy McKendree Spring
·         Summer 68 Pink Floyd
·         Lola The Kinks
·         Come In From The Rain Wishbone Ash
·         Up On Cripple Creek The Band
·         Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma The Steve Miller Band
·         Queen of the Deep Pallas
·         He Knows, You Know Marillion
SIAS: KING CRIMSON – LIZARD King Crimson – Lizard (Side 2)
·         Prince Rupert Awakes King Crimson
·         Bolero – The Peacock’s Tail King Crimson
·         The Battle of Glass Tears (Dawn Song, Last Skirmish, Prince Rupert’s Lament) King Crimson
·         Big Top King Crimson
·         The Line (:08 intro) Phish
·         Falling Bough Kiev
·         Burning Bridges Family
·         Holy Deadlock Anthony Phillips
Shifting Gears with Genre Hopping Segues
·         Compared To What Billy Paul
·         Stand On It Jeff Beck
·         The Wheel Jerry Garcia
·         Hungry Planet The Byrds
·         Fly Tomorrow John Mayall
·         Stand Back Allman Bros.
·         Daybreaker Electric Light Orchestra
·         I Wanna Rule The World Ten CC
·         Ocapella Ringo Starr
·         Shuggie’s Shuffle Al Kooper introduces Shuggie Otis
·         Welcome To The Cruise Judy Tzuke
·         Weasel & the White Boys Cool Rikki Lee Jones
·         Home At Last Steely Dan
·         Capricorn Barclay James Harvest


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December People – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Frank Wyatt & Friends – Fred’s Song

Spïnal Tap – Christmas With The Devil

Neal Morse – Shred Ride

Cirrus Bay – The Vanishing Place 

Tool – Chocolate Chip Trip

Jon Davison – Run With The Fox

IZZ – Age of Stars

December People – Jingle Bells

Born For Adversity – Reign of Clay

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Hey, Hey, My My (Into The Black)

Leslie Hunt & Robin McAuley – Fairytale of New York

Spock’s Beard – The Doorway (live)

Steve Morse – Carol of the Bells

Flying Colors – Last Train Home

December People – Deck The Halls

Rise Twain – Golden

The Killers – The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball

Northern Star 23rd  January 2020.

Sunset on the Dream!

Theme Pallas – Northern Star

  • Al Di Meola – When your Gone
  • Barclay James Harvest – Leper’s Song
  • Phish – Dog gone dog
  • The further I go – My hand me down space suit
  • Birdeatsbaby – The world conspires
  • Rodney Matthews/Jeff Scheetz – The leavetaking
  • Animals as leaders – Do not go gently
  • Manning – Out of my life
  • Peter Hammill – Gone ahead
  • Lunatic soul – A thousand shard heaven
  • Chic Corea – Falling Alice
  • Human League – Being Boiled
  • Blind Ego – Dark paradise
  • Frédéric Gerchambeau / Bruno Karnel – Ghost
  • Unitopia – Gone in the blink of an eye
  • Daryl hall – Something in 4/4 time
  • White Noise – Your Hidden dreams
  • The Legendary Flower Punk – Trance Fusion På Ryska
  • Weird Biscuit Teatime – trans Human future
  • Strawbs – Here today gone tomorrow
  • Mishkin Fitzgerald – Seraphim
  • Parallel or 90 degrees – The afterlifecycle Sequence

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