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Prog's Limelight feature highlights up and coming prog bands. For many it's the first step on the press ladder, hopefully bringing them to wider attention, while the Prog Around The World feature looks at band's from outside the UK. Notable Limelight artists we've featured throughout Prog's history who've gone on to bigger and better things include Big Big Train, Haken, Leprous, The Anchoress, Voyager, Iamthemorning, Von Hertzen Brothers, Exploring Birdsong, Jo Quail and more. "Progzilla is delighted to be working with Prog Magazine, helping to bring grassroots artists to a wider audience," says Progzilla's Stacy Doller. "Our team of enthusiastic broadcasters are excited to shine the spotlight on acts featured within the pages of Prog Magazine, and our dedicated playlists will allow our listeners to discover something new, as the background to their day without lifting a finger – simply ask your smart speaker to play Progzilla Radio."
Flor De Loto

Peruvian folk-metal-proggers are striking out with selected English language versions from their back catalogue. Though they’ve made an impact across South America, Flor De Loto are aiming to reach a wider global audience with their new album, Lines Of Nasca. Fusing Andean folk music with progressive rock and the power of heavy metal, the Peruvian […]


Mong Tong

Taiwanese brothers mix up their native culture with western electronics and global psychedelia to blur genres. The brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi who make up the Taiwanese experimental band Mong Tong are pondering the differences between local and western funerals. “I think some of the funerals here are actually not sad,” ventures Hom Yu. […]


Ocean Districts

“Getting enough people to attend the show is tough, because there’s so much music out there.” Prog can be a pretty insular place, even at the best of times, but Ocean Districts guitarist Martin Lepalaan says that that’s especially true in his hometown, Tallinn. “It’s small: 400,000 people,” the band’s founder tells us over a […]