Flor De Loto

Peruvian folk-metal-proggers are striking out with selected English language versions from their back catalogue.

Though they’ve made an impact across South America, Flor De Loto are aiming to reach a wider global audience with their new album, Lines Of Nasca. Fusing Andean folk music with progressive rock and the power of heavy metal, the Peruvian band have carefully selected the highlights of their career and re-recorded those songs as English language versions.

“In the beginning, our music was mostly experimental with more psychedelic and classic progressive elements and we’ve always used Peruvian wind instruments like a quena or zampoña,” says guitarist and co-founder Alonso Herrera with a smile. “Since our fourth album, Imperio De Cristal, our music has become heavier. Our producer, Roy Z, who has worked with Bruce Dickinson, said that our music is like Iron Maiden meets Jethro Tull in Machu Picchu.”

Having toured beyond Peru, the band now want to share their experiences with overseas audiences. “When we played in the United States, Germany, Italy and France, I think that we represented something of our culture and of our history,” says Herrera. “We give a message – not only musical, but also in the lyrics that talk about our history, our problems and our conflicts.”

With this is mind, Roy Z suggested they re-record some of their key songs, translating the lyrics from their native Spanish, and bring in guest vocalists to perform with them. “We decided to call singers that we love and are friends of the band like Fabio Lione [ex-Rhapsody Of Fire] and [former Rainbow vocalist] Doogie White. It’s an interesting idea for us and like an experiment,” says Herrera.

Flor De Loto are already looking ahead to their next album, which includes a collaboration with British prog veteran Arthur Brown. But will they continue singing in English? “We never know what is going to happen with the next album [we record],” says Herrera. “We always make our records with our hearts and in the moment. But it will be another experiment for the band.”

— JM

From "Around The World - Flor De Loto" Prog Reprinted with permission.

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