Anthony Rowsick

Anthony Rowsick (aka the Progsquatch) has been a fan of Progressive Rock for roughly 35 years. When the last of his four children moved out a few years ago he suddenly found himself with some things he had been lacking for many years – extra room in the house, spare time, and spare money! So he decided to invest in some computer recording software and an interface, moved all of his instruments and equipment into one of the kids’ old bedrooms, and began writing and recording his own music again. His friend Nelson W Pyles – the lyricist and vocalist in his recording project (called Novus) – is an author and podcaster and gave Tony the idea of doing his own podcast. Thus, Prog-Watch was born! When he is not working, listening to Prog Rock, or preparing shows, Tony likes to pick up heavy things and put them down. He also reads avidly and enjoys craft beer.

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Prog-Watch 1120 – Music Measures Memories

May 16, 2024

This week my special guests are Jamie Robertson, author of a book called Music Measures Memories, and the book’s publisher, our friend and resident reviewer, Rob Fisher! (Bet you didn’t know Rob was also a publisher!) The book deals with the importance of music in Jamie’s life, it’s ability to help us heal, and it’s […]

Prog-Watch 1119 – I Know What I Like…

May 9, 2024

This week’s Prog-Watch is a themed special all about knowing, with tons of tasty tunes by Genesis, Robert Plant, Dave Mason, Fairport Convention, Asia, David Gilmour, Trevor Rabin, Yes, Steve Winwood, Marillion, Matthew Sweet, Kansas, Supertramp, Jon Anderson, Michael Penn, and The Allman Brothers! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

101 Dimensions – 27/28 April 2024

May 2, 2024

The 101 Dimensions program for 27/28 April 2024 includes music from Bergeton, Vinyl Dial, Antony Kalugin, Ashra, and Le Grande Sbam! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

Prog-Watch 1118 – Variety with PROG Magazine Artists

May 2, 2024

This week’s Prog-Watch is a straight-up variety program full of great contemporary progressive rock, some from artists featured in the current edition of PROG Magazine! I’ve got fantastic stuff from Oliver Wakeman, Ozul, Transport Aerian, Karmamoi, Amarok, The Man From Ravcon, and Big Big Train! Also, there will be several artists who are featured in […]

Prog-Watch 1117 – Variety

April 25, 2024

Be on the lookout for a plethora of fabulous progressive rock music on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear from Heath, Kavus Torabi, Isildur’s Bane with Jinian Wilde, The Tangent, Michael Trew, Amarok, The Slow Light, The Dave Foster Band, Hats Off Gentlemen, It’s Adequate, Ozul, and Oliver Wakeman! As Yoda would say, “Miss it not!” […]

Prog-Watch 1116 – Shaking the Genesis Family Tree (Remastered)

April 18, 2024

This week I am Shaking The Family Tree of one of the most influential Prog bands of all-time…Genesis! We will be hearing tracks by former members (and a few extended family members) who had solo careers or worked in other bands besides Genesis proper! Plus a couple by the band! Come see what shakes out! […]

Prog-Watch 1115 – Variety + Tempus Cucumis on Progressive Discoveries

April 11, 2024

Find more great contemporary progressive sounds on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear music from Karmamoi, Nospun, The Man From Ravcon, and The Tangent! Plus, our friend and resident reviewer, Dr. Rob Fisher, returns to take us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the latest album by the Belgian duo Tempus Cucumis! Play in […]

101 Dimensions – 30/31 March 2024

April 4, 2024

Curated by Anthony Rowsick, with music from Gary Numan, Klaus Schulze, Paul Ellis, Synergy, and Rudy Adrian! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

Prog-Watch 1114 – Epix, Vol. 13

April 4, 2024

This week’s Prog-Watch is another edition of EPIX! Just a handful of lengthy tunes will carry us through our time together, and I’ll try to spread the love across the decades of our favorite genre! Tune in to hear great music from Anekdoten, Kansas, Dec Burke, Ritual, and Focus! Play in new window | […]

Prog-Watch 1113 – Variety with PROG Magazine Artists

March 28, 2024

This week I’ve got a plethora of present-day Prog from Luz de Riada, A Secret River, Isildur’s Bane, Steve Hackett, Drifting Sun, Big Big Train, and Karfagen! Plus four bands featured in this month’s PROG Magazine: Nospun, Aviations, Psychework, and Harp! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS