Sounds That Can Be Made #229 (The Magnum Story – part one 1972-95)

Edition 229 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Captain America (from Archive)
Movin’ On (from Sweets For My Sweet)
Invasion (from Kingdom of Madness)
Kingdom of Madness (from Kingdom of Madness)
Changes (from Magnum II)
So Cold the Night (from Magnum II)
Great Adventure (live) (from Magnum Live EP)
All Of My Life (live) (from Marauder)
Soldier of the Line (from Chase the Dragon)
The Lights Burned Out (from Chase the Dragon)
Sacred Hour (live) (from Back to Earth)
Back to Earth (from Back to Earth)
The Prize (from The Eleventh Hour)
Road to Paradise (from The Eleventh Hour)
Just Like An Arrow (from Just Like An Arrow)
On A Storyteller’s Night (from On A Storyteller’s Night)
All England’s Eyes (from On A Storyteller’s Night)
Vigilante (from Vigilante)
Need a Lot of Love (from Vigilante)
Days of No Trust (from Wings of Heaven)
Don’t Wake the Lion (from Wings of Heaven)
Rockin’ Chair (from Goodnight L.A.)
Shoot (from Goodnight L.A.)
The Spirit (live) (from The Spirit)
Only in America (from Sleepwaking)
The Flood (from Sleepwaking)
Rock Heavy (from Rock Art)
The Tall Ships (from Rock Art)
One Sacred Hour (live) (from The Last Dance)

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