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Nothing knocks a DJ off balance quicker than a hard drive crash.
But when a DJ has TWO crashes within two months… well he has to work really hard to not miss a show.
With a lot of work, a little luck, and the help of some great artists’ music I made a quick recovery just in time.
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – “A Time And A Place” from Tarkus on Razor & Tie (1971)
  • Light – “Let Go” from The Miracle of Life on Independent (2020)
  • Flutatious – “Through Space And Time” from Through Space And Time on Magick Eye Records Ltd. (2021)
  • The Mommyheads – “Out Of The Cave” from Age of Isolation on Mommyheads Music (2021)
  • Astasis – “Kings” from Astasis on Independent (2021)
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – “Bitches Crystal” from Tarkus on Razor & Tie (1971)
  • Khirki – “Deadpan” from Κτηνωδία (Brutality) on Khirki (2021)
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – “Tarkus” from Tarkus on Razor & Tie (1971)
  • Vespero – “Lebedivo” from Sonĝo on Tonzonen Records (2021)
  • Adam Stone/Dead Sea Apes/Black Tempest – “Unconscious” from Skull Pilot EP on Misophonia Records (2021)
  • Khirki – “Medea” from Κτηνωδία (Brutality) on Khirki (2021)
  • Kanaan – “Bourdon” from Earthbound on Jansen Records (2021)
  • Deaf Proof – “The Awakening” from Brain Utopia on Olde Magick Records (2021)
  • Psychedelic Source Records Artists – “Return Of The Supersilent Man” from Sci-Fi Safari on Psychedelic Source Records (2021)

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This week’s Prog-Watch has a “dream theme”! Every song will be about dreams or dreaming, with marvelous, melodious music provided by The Moody Blues, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Gary Wright, The Flower Kings, Supertramp, The Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, Asia, John Lennon, The Zombies, O.R.k., Esquire, Jethro Tull, Downes Braide Association, Genesis, King Crimson, and The Allman Brothers Band!

831: Sweet Dreams


This week’s Prog-Watch is a variety program with a Guest DJ Feature! I’ll be spinning music from The Tangent, Bob Bel
and, Tiger Moth Tales, IQ, Rick Wakeman,
and Atlas Cube,
and mixing in selections from our Guest DJ, Mr. Charles Anderson of York, Engl
and! Charles has selected some great stuff from Engl
and (the b
and), Epidaurus, Emerson Lake
and Palmer, The Enid,
and Mostly Autumn!

733: Variety with a Guest DJ Feature