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On Prog-Watch this week it’s another installment of OUR PROGRESSIVE PLANET in which Dr. Rob Fisher and I will take you on a little tour of the vibrant progressive music scene in Germany! With music from Sylvan, Lucifer’s Friend, Subsignal, Panzerballett, Eloy, RPWL, Frequency Drift, Vanden Plas, Seven Steps To The Green Door, and Schmid and Arnold! We hope you will join us!

839: Our Progressive Planet – Germany


The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 26th September 2021

Artist Title Year Time
Marillion Montreal 2012 13:58
Sanguine Hum The Trial 2010 6:06
Riverside Under The Pillow 2015 6:45
Porcupine Tree The Sound of Muzak 2002 4:55
Genesis Firth of Fifth (from Seconds Out) 1977 8:50
Steve Hackett To A Close 2006 4:44
Yes The Gates of Delirium (from Yesshows) 1980 22:30
Rush Subdivisions 1982 5:32
Allan Holdsworth White Line (from Live-Then!) 2003 9:37
UK Rendezvous (from Night After Night) 1979 5:14
Renaissance Day Of The Dreamer 1978 9:43

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Super Furry Animals – Demons

The Fall – Bingo Master’s Break-Out

Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo: ‘Brave’ by Marillion

 – The Hollow Man

 – Wave/Mad (live)

 – Cover My Eyes (live)

Rick Wakeman – Paint it Black

Yes – Dare to Know

Biffy Clyro – Medicine

Anthony Phillips – God If I Saw Her Now

Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: ‘Peter Gabriel 3 [Melt]’, Side 1

 – Intruder

 – No Self Control

 – Start

 – I Don’t Remember

 – Family Snapshot

 – And Through The Wire

The Who – Slip Kid

It Bites – Turn Me Loose

Simple Minds – The American (Extended Remix)

Colosseum – The Daughter of Time

Twelfth Night – Blue Powder Monkey

Peter Banks – Radio Foreplay

Radiohead – Bangers + Mash


Moron Police – The Stranger and the Hightide

Iron Maiden – Stratego

Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo: ELO – The Classic Album Collection

 – The Diary of Horace Wimp

 – Wild West Hero

 – Mission (A World Record)

 – Ticket to the Moon

The Who – Squeeze Box 

The Tangent – The World We Drive Through (live)

Leprous – Out of Here

Toyah – Monkeys

Robert Fripp – Chicago 

Arctic Monkeys – American Sports

Abba – Does Your Mother Know

Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Side 1 of ‘Under Wraps’ by Mr Jethro Tull, from Lowestoft

 – Lap of Luxury

 – Under Wraps

 – European Legacy

 – Later, That Same Evening

 – Saboteur

 – Radio Free Moscow

Nothing But Thieves – Emergency

U.K. – Mental Medication

Lorne Balfe – His Dark Materials (excerpt)


Life and technology failures finally caught up with me this week, so I thought I’d do something I haven’t been able to before now:  Play TWO old, unedited, one-hour shows!
The first (from 2016) contains music from Spain; one of the first shows that aired on Progzilla Radio.
The second (from 2015) contains music from France. It’s a show that aired BEFORE I joined Progzilla Radio, only airing on KPTZ.
The DJ’ing was dodgy back then, but both shows contain great music worth another listen.
  • Obsidian Kingdom – “A Year with No Summer” from A Year with No Summer on Season of Mist (2016)
  • El Tubo Elastico – “Camaleón” from El Tubo Elastico on Independent (2015)
  • Cheeto’s Magazine – “Octopus Soup” from Boiling Fowls on Independent (2014)
  • October Equus – “Lupus in fabula” from October Equus on MaRaCash Records (2005)
  • Senogul – “Tango Mango” from Senogul on Mylodon Records (2007)
  • Harvest – “Tonight” from Northern Wind on Redphone Records (2014)
  • El circulo de Willis – “Tu No Sabes Lo Que Has Hecho (feat. The Locos, The Gambas, Hobeas Corpus & Poncho K)” from Fabulas on Independent (2012)
  • Taal – “Skymind” from Skymind on Musea (2003)
  • Lazuli – “Une pente qu’on dévale” from Tant que l’herbe est grasse on Eclats Production (2014)
  • Ange – “Le nain de Stanislas” from Emile Jacotey on Universal Music Division Mercury Records (1975)
  • JPL – “Lifelines” from MMXIV on Quadrifonic (2014)
  • Progression By Failure – “The Pyramid & the Sphere” from Sonic Travelogue on Musea Parallèle (2015)
  • Carpe Diem – “Circonvolutions” from Circonvolutions on Musea (2015)
  • Spheric Universe Experience – “Now Or Never” from Mental Torments on Replica Records (2005)

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The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 19th September 2021

Artist Title Year Time
Martin Orford Ray Of Hope 2008 3:50
Gong Shadows Of 1976 7:46
Lunatic Soul The Passage 2020 8:57
It Bites Yellow Christian 1988 6:30
Pat Metheny Group (It’s Just) Talk 1987 6:15
Caravan Waterloo Lily 1972 6:47
Tears For Fears Fish Out Of Water 1993 5:07
Spiralmaze FTFO 2018 7:31
Rush Between The Wheels 1984 5:42
Lifesigns Fridge Full Of Stars 2013 11:16
Spiralmaze Remipede 2014 6:20
Iona Open Sky 2000 5:41
Tiger Moth Tales Overture 2014 4:32
Tiger Moth Tales The Merry Vicar 2014 6:40

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Broadcast 26th September 2021

Show 172

·         Lady of the Lake Starcastle
·         Punch and Judy Marillion
·         30 Days In the Hole Humble Pie
·         Angry Eyes Loggins & Messina
·         I Know It Madonna
·         Apocalypso The Motels
·         Nice, Nice, Very Nice Ambrosia
·         The Work Song Paul Butterfiled Blues Band
·         Surrender J Geils
6-Pack Hack
·         One Night In Bangkok Murray Head
·         Dreadlock Holiday 10 CC
·         Holiday The Kinks
·         Sand and Sea Frank Sinatra
·         Sea Cruise Glenn Frey
·         Come Sail Away Styx
·         Eminence Front The Who
·         Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Genesis
·         In Amber This Winter Machine
·         Promises I.Q.
·         One So Wise Spock’s Beard
SIAS: Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon (side 1) Pink Floyd
·         Speak To Me Pink Floyd
·         Breathe Pink Floyd
·         On the Run Pink Floyd
·         Time Pink Floyd
·         The Great Gig In the Sky Pink Floyd
·         La De Da Glass Harp
·         Child of the Universe Barclay James Harvest
·         Sir James The Rose Steeleye Span
Great Classic Vocal Harmonies Some of the greatest ever!
·         In My Room The Beach Boys
·         Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Crosby, Stills and Nash
·         Scarborough Fair/Canticle Simon & Garfunkel
·         Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
Krazz Bops Into Jazz-Not For the Timid
·         As Of Yet Arthur Blythe
·         Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again Forever John Klemmer
·         West Side Story Medley Buddy Rich
·         Revival Allman Brothers
·         Ojai Ray Lamontagne
·         Sad Boy McGuinn, Clark & Hillman
·         Trouble In Paradisw The Souther Hillman Furay Band
We All Need to Chill Down
·         Isn’t She Lovely Stevie Wonder
·         Out In the Country Three Dog Night
·         You’ve Made Me So Very Happy Blood Sweat & Tears
·         Everything I Own Bread
·         Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is Chicago


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A PROG MILL special – featuring two hours of classic 70’s progressive rock epic tracks, selected by our regular contributor NIGEL CLIFF in Sunny Stourbridge. This show was first broadcast on Progzilla Radio 26 September 2021.

Here’s the playlist

1 Yes – Heart of the Sunrise (Fragile)
2 Neu! Hallogallo (Neu!)
3 Genesis – The Musical Box (Nursery Cryme)
4 Man – C’mon (Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day)
5 Supertramp – Fool’s Overture (Even in the Quietest Moments)
6 The Nice – Hang on to a Dream (Elegy)
7 Renaissance – A Song for All Seasons (A Song for All Seasons)
8 Yes – America (Atlantic Records Compilation)
9 Focus – Anonymus Two (Focus III)

(By the way – this was also the 18th Prog Mill Long Ones Special for Progzilla, and also happens to be the 500th edition of The Prog Mill in total!)

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NEXT WEEK: Back to normal so get your proggy music suggestions rolling in!


Genesis – Dance On A Volcano

Greenslade – Sundance

Van Der Graaf Generator – Lost : Part One – The Dance In Sand And Sea

                                       Part Two – The Dance In Frost

Jeff Beck – Come Dancing

Niacin – Majestic Dance

Led Zeppelin – Dancing Days

TROOT – Dance Elena

French TV – Nimrod Dancer

Flat122 – Neo Classic Dance

Lunatic Soul – Summoning Dance

Moon Safari – Dance Across The Ocean

Nick Magnus – Dancing On The Waters

Tim Bowness – Dancing For You

Trettioariga Kriget – The Dance

Pat Metheny Group – Phase Dance

Dimension – Soul Dance

Gravity Machine – Time Cut Short The Dance

Artist Title Year Time
Genesis After The Ordeal 1973 4:16
Genesis Dusk 1970 4:13
Genesis Harlequin 1971 2:56
Rob Gould Lemmings (Including Cog) 2021 13:03
Scratch & The Upsetters Zion’s Blood 1976 3:58
Scratch & The Upsetters Croaking Lizard 1976 3:28
Scratch & The Upsetters Black Vest 1976 4:42
Riverside Second Life Syndrome 2005 15:40
Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Heavy Metal Kids (from “Another Live”) 1975 4:16
Utopia Abandon City 1977 3:53
Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Freedom Fighters 1974 4:03
The Neal Morse Band Not Afraid Part 2 2021 19:30
Big Big Train Grimspound 2017 6:55
Big Big Train Dragon Bone Hill 1994 3:52
Big Big Train Brambling 2010 4:59
Mystery A Song For You 2015 12:31
Gordon Giltrap Heartsong (from Captured from a Point in Time) 2006 3:24
4 Parts Guitar The Dodo’s Dream 2011 7:45
Gordon Giltrap Jester’s Jig 1979 2:35
Nova Cascade Back From The Brink 2021 10:34
Golden Earring Tons of Time 1975 4:20
Golden Earring All Day Watcher 1972 4:45
Golden Earring Hope 1971 4:45
The Emerald Dawn Shadow In Light 2014 10:10

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