The Podcast of This Week’s Prog-Watch is Available!

On Prog-Watch this week it’s another installment of OUR PROGRESSIVE PLANET in which Dr. Rob Fisher and I will take you on a little tour of the vibrant progressive music scene in Germany! With music from Sylvan, Lucifer’s Friend, Subsignal, Panzerballett, Eloy, RPWL, Frequency Drift, Vanden Plas, Seven Steps To The Green Door, and Schmid […]

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The Progressive Rock show broadcast Sunday 26th September 2021

The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 26th September 2021 Artist Title Year Time Marillion Montreal 2012 13:58 Sanguine Hum The Trial 2010 6:06 Riverside Under The Pillow 2015 6:45 Porcupine Tree The Sound of Muzak 2002 4:55 Genesis Firth of Fifth (from Seconds Out) 1977 8:50 Steve Hackett To A Close 2006 4:44 […]

Bobcast 228

  Super Furry Animals – Demons The Fall – Bingo Master’s Break-Out Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo: ‘Brave’ by Marillion  – The Hollow Man  – Wave/Mad (live)  – Cover My Eyes (live) Rick Wakeman – Paint it Black Yes – Dare to Know Biffy Clyro – Medicine Anthony Phillips – God If I Saw Her Now […]

Bobcast 227

Moron Police – The Stranger and the Hightide Iron Maiden – Stratego Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo: ELO – The Classic Album Collection  – The Diary of Horace Wimp  – Wild West Hero  – Mission (A World Record)  – Ticket to the Moon The Who – Squeeze Box  The Tangent – The World We Drive Through […]


THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #434 (“TWO From Way Back”) Life and technology failures finally caught up with me this week, so I thought I’d do something I haven’t been able to before now:  Play TWO old, unedited, one-hour shows! The first (from 2016) contains music from Spain; one of the first shows that aired on […]

The Progressive Rock show broadcast Sunday 19th September 2021

The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 19th September 2021 Artist Title Year Time Martin Orford Ray Of Hope 2008 3:50 Gong Shadows Of 1976 7:46 Lunatic Soul The Passage 2020 8:57 It Bites Yellow Christian 1988 6:30 Pat Metheny Group (It’s Just) Talk 1987 6:15 Caravan Waterloo Lily 1972 6:47 Tears For Fears […]

Podcast 172: Krazzloft 26th Sept 2021

KRAZZ LOFT VINYL SHOW Broadcast 26th September 2021 Show 172 ·         Lady of the Lake Starcastle ·         Punch and Judy Marillion ·         30 Days In the Hole Humble Pie ·         Angry Eyes Loggins & Messina ·         I Know It Madonna ·         Apocalypso The Motels ·         Nice, Nice, Very Nice Ambrosia ·         The Work Song Paul […]

Podcast – The Prog Mill – Nigel’s Proggy Vaults Long Ones Special

A PROG MILL special – featuring two hours of classic 70’s progressive rock epic tracks, selected by our regular contributor NIGEL CLIFF in Sunny Stourbridge. This show was first broadcast on Progzilla Radio 26 September 2021. Here’s the playlist 1 Yes – Heart of the Sunrise (Fragile) 2 Neu! Hallogallo (Neu!) 3 Genesis – The […]

Podcast 003 : The Beginner’s Guide To Prog 15th September 2021

PLAYLIST: Genesis – Dance On A Volcano Greenslade – Sundance Van Der Graaf Generator – Lost : Part One – The Dance In Sand And Sea                                        Part Two – The Dance In Frost Jeff Beck – […]

Graham Harfleet sitting in for Cliff Pearson show broadcast Wednesday 15th September 2021

Artist Title Year Time Genesis After The Ordeal 1973 4:16 Genesis Dusk 1970 4:13 Genesis Harlequin 1971 2:56 Rob Gould Lemmings (Including Cog) 2021 13:03 Scratch & The Upsetters Zion’s Blood 1976 3:58 Scratch & The Upsetters Croaking Lizard 1976 3:28 Scratch & The Upsetters Black Vest 1976 4:42 Riverside Second Life Syndrome 2005 15:40 […]