Podcast – The Prog Mill – Nigel’s Proggy Vaults Long Ones Special

A PROG MILL special – featuring two hours of classic 70’s progressive rock epic tracks, selected by our regular contributor NIGEL CLIFF in Sunny Stourbridge. This show was first broadcast on Progzilla Radio 26 September 2021.

Here’s the playlist

1 Yes – Heart of the Sunrise (Fragile)
2 Neu! Hallogallo (Neu!)
3 Genesis – The Musical Box (Nursery Cryme)
4 Man – C’mon (Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day)
5 Supertramp – Fool’s Overture (Even in the Quietest Moments)
6 The Nice – Hang on to a Dream (Elegy)
7 Renaissance – A Song for All Seasons (A Song for All Seasons)
8 Yes – America (Atlantic Records Compilation)
9 Focus – Anonymus Two (Focus III)

(By the way – this was also the 18th Prog Mill Long Ones Special for Progzilla, and also happens to be the 500th edition of The Prog Mill in total!)

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NEXT WEEK: Back to normal so get your proggy music suggestions rolling in!