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THE KRAZZLOFT VINYL SHOW #174 (“ProgTracks Takeover”)

It’s the ProgTracks Takeover of the KLVS.
Remember the chaos of how your kid’s school would do a 4-hour takeover of McDonald’s to raise money? Yeah, it’s kinda like that kind of chaos without any funds (visibly) changing hands.
No Krazz… No Loft… No Vinyl… just lots and lots of music you haven’t heard (at least in a while).


  • GAMMA – “Solar Heat/Ready For Action” from GAMMA 1 (1979)
  • David Baerwald – “The Waiter” from Triage (1994)
  • Robert Randolph & The Family Band – “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” from Colorblind (2006)
  • Ben Harper & Relentless 7 – “Boot Like These “from White Lies for Hard Times (2009)


  • Magic Beans – “From Here On Out” from Casino Cabaret (2018)
  • Our Lady Peace – “Clumsy” from Clumsy (1997)
  • Cake – “The Distance” from Fashion Nugget (1996)
  • Eve 6 – “How Much Longer from Eve 6 (1997)

————–DJ’s DJ SET——————————

  • Fatboy Slim – “Right Here, Right Now” from You’ve Come A Long Way Baby (1998)
  • Beck – “Hotwax” from Odelay (1996)
  • sElf – “Borateen” from Subliminal Plastic Motives (1995)
  • Moby – “Bring Back My Happiness” from Everything is Wrong (1995)

————–MY CHOICE SET————————

  • Lindsey Buckingham – “Into/This Is The Time” from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
  • Paul Simon – “You Can Call Me Al” from Graceland (1986)
  • Big Head Todd & The Monsters – “Circle” from Sister Sweetly (1993)
  • R.E.M. – “Radio Song” from Out Of Time (1991)

————–SHAUN RYDER SET——————–

  • Happy Mondays – “Loose Fit” from Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches (1990)
  • Black Grape – “Shake Well Before Opening” from It’s Great When You’re Straight, Yeah (1995)
  • Gorillaz – “Dare” from Demon Days (2005)


  • John Abercrombie, Jan Hammer, Jack DeJohnette – “Red And Orange” from Timeless (1975)
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – “Birds Of Fire” from Birds Of Fire (1973)
  • D.F.A. – “Flying Trip” from 4th (2008)

—————SLIDE INTO A SIDE——————-

…Earth To The Dandy Warhols…” by The Dandy Warhols (Beat The World Records – 2008)

  • The Dandy Warhols – “And Then I Dreamt Of Yes” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)
  • The Dandy Warhols – “Talk Radio” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)
  • The Dandy Warhols – “Love Song” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)
  • The Dandy Warhols – “Now You Love Me” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)


  • Tower Of Power – “You Got To Funkafize” from Bump City (1972)
  • Parliament – “Up On The Downstroke” from Up On The Downstroke (1974)
  • Ohio Players – “Love Rollercoaster” from Honey (1975)
  • Infectious Grooves – “Violent And Funky” from Groove Family Cyco (1994)

—————ALTERNATIVE SET———————-

  • Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot” from Short Bus (1995)
  • Bush – “Everything Zen” from Sixteen Stone (1994)
  • Tripping Daisy – “Prick” from I Am An Elastic Firecracker (1995)
  • Toadies – “I Come From The Water” from Rubberneck (1994)


  • 1.  Missing Persons – “Mental Hopscotch” from Missing Persons (1980)
  • 2.  Men Without Hats – “Safety Dance” from Rhythm Of Youth (1982)
  • 3.  Roxy Music – “ReMake/ReModel” from Roxy Music (1972)
  • 4.  Journey – “Of A Lifetime” from Journey (1975)
  • 5.  Phil Collins – “In The Air Tonight” from Face Value (1981)
  • 6.  Kajagoogoo – “Too Shy” from White Feathers (1983)

—————A BOLD A.M. RADIO SET————–

  • EBN OZN – “AEIOU Sometimes Y” from Feeling Cavalier (1984)
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “If 6 Was 9” (1967)

—————CHILL-DOWN SET——————–

  • Kansas – “Down The Road” from Song For America (1975)
  • The Cruel Sea – “A Simple Goodbye” from Where There’s Smoke (2001)
  • Steve Hackett – “How Can I?” from Please Don’t Touch! (1978)
  • Joe Satriani – “Saying Goodbye” from Time Machine (1993)

Progressive Tracks Show #368 (The Whole World’s Watching…)

Indeed, the whole world IS watching the United States… to see what becomes of us as a country.

This week we’ll explore historical and current issues through the power of music.

  • Roxy Music – “The Pride and the Pain” from The Thrill of it All on EG Records (1995)
  • The Doors – “Peace Frog” from Morrison Hotel on Rhino/Elektra (1970)
  • Chicago Transit Authority – “Prologue, August 29, 1968” from Chicago Transit Authority on Chicago Records (1969)
  • Chicago Transit Authority – “Someday (August 29, 1968)” from Chicago Transit Authority on Chicago Records (1969)
  • Rage Against The Machine – “Killing In The Name” from Rage Against The Machine on Epic Associated (1992)
  • Tohpati Bertiga – “Riot” from Riot on Tohpati Music (2019)
  • Tribal Tech – “Aftermath” from Illicit on Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings (1992)
  • Whalephant – “System of Behavior” from System of Behavior – Single on Independent (2015)
  • Mike Kershaw – “The Fear Quartet, Pt. III:  All That Matters is the Fear” from Arms Open Wide on Bad Elephant Music (2018)
  • Herd of Instinct – “Brutality of Fact” from Conjure on Firepool Records (2013)
  • Phideaux – “The Order of Protection (Two)” from Infernal on Bloodfish Music (2018)
  • The Muffins – “Hobart Got Burned” from Open City on Cuneiform Records (2011)
  • Perfect Beings – “The Golden Arc – Turn The World Off” from Vier on InsideOutMusic (2018)
  • Devo – “Later is Now” from Something for Everybody on Warner Records (2010)
  • Freak Kitchen – “We’ve Heard It All Before” from Freak Kitchen on Thunderstruck Productions (1998)
  • Angelo Badalamente – “Police” from Lost Highway Soundtrack on Interscope Records (1996)
  • Chevelle – “The Clincher” from This Kind Of Thinking (Could Do Us In) on Epic (2004)
  • Cheer-Accident – “Humanizing The Distance” from Fear Draws Misfortune on Cuneiform Records (2009)
  • Alco Frisbass – “Pas A Pas (Step By Step)” from Alco Frisbass on AltrOck Productions (2015)
  • Six O’Matic – “Vote For Pedro” from A Plague of Wealth on Independent  (2018)

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This week’s Prog-Watch is a variety program with a Guest DJ Feature! I’ll be spinning music from Godsticks, Pure Reason Revolution, Moon Halo, Fluance, Sky Architect, and the Neal Morse Band, and mixing in selections from our Guest DJ (Mr. Larry Wilson of Oahu, Hawaii, USA)! Larry has selected some great stuff from The Pretty Things, Stackridge, Roxy Music, Steve Harley, and Public Image Ltd.!

714: Variety with a Guest DJ Feature