The Podcast of Prog-Watch 916 is Available!

More great, contemporary progressive sounds await on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear music from Luca Di Gennaro, Karmamoi, the Checking For Echo Project, Anton Johansson, and Kite Parade! Plus, our friend and resident reviewer, Dr. Rob Fisher, returns to take us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the latest album by Thomas Thielen (AKA […]

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PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #461 (“Keep On Sharing”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #461 (“Keep On Sharing”) The show that’s brought you “all the music you CAN’T dance to” and “all the music your spouse can’t stand” for almost 9 years. The music keeps on coming… and so we keep on sharing it. Win-Win! PLAYLIST: Venus Loon – “Luna Footprints” from Apollo Rising on […]

The Podcast of This Week’s Prog-Watch is Available!

This week’s Prog-Watch is a straight-up variety program full of great contemporary progressive rock! I’ve got fantastic stuff from Liquid Tension Experiment, Karmamoi, Jon Anderson, Sylvan, Steven Wilson, Ciccada, Renaissance, Bob Lord, The Franky Valentyn Project, The Man From Ravcon, RPWL, and Raven Sad! I hope you will join me! 821: Variety  

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PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #409 (Passing Through… Passing On…)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #409 (“Passing Through… Passing On…”) Life’s short.  We’re all just passing through before we pass on. Listen to all the music you can. That is all. PLAYLIST: Hanford Flyover – “Whetherman” from Hanford Tape Sessions on Independent (2021) Karmamoi – “Room 101” from Room 101 on Independent (2021) Echo Tail – […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #407 (This is Your Captain…)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #407 (“This is Your Captain…”) Nothing to be worried about here. Your Captain is qualified to guide you to our collective musical destination… PLAYLIST: Sparkle in Grey – “From The Air” from Mexico on Grey Sparkle (2011) Elephant9 – “Rite of Accession” from Arrival of the New Elders on Rune Grammofon […]

Episode 602 is Available at!

On this week’s Prog-Watch my esteemed guest is Daniele Giovannoni, drummer, keyboardist, and main musical composer of the band Karmamoi! Daniele and I chat about the history of the band and their new concept album The Day Is Done. And of course I play plenty of great Karmamoi music along the way! 602: In Conversation […]

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