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Life and technology failures finally caught up with me this week, so I thought I’d do something I haven’t been able to before now:  Play TWO old, unedited, one-hour shows!
The first (from 2016) contains music from Spain; one of the first shows that aired on Progzilla Radio.
The second (from 2015) contains music from France. It’s a show that aired BEFORE I joined Progzilla Radio, only airing on KPTZ.
The DJ’ing was dodgy back then, but both shows contain great music worth another listen.
  • Obsidian Kingdom – “A Year with No Summer” from A Year with No Summer on Season of Mist (2016)
  • El Tubo Elastico – “Camaleón” from El Tubo Elastico on Independent (2015)
  • Cheeto’s Magazine – “Octopus Soup” from Boiling Fowls on Independent (2014)
  • October Equus – “Lupus in fabula” from October Equus on MaRaCash Records (2005)
  • Senogul – “Tango Mango” from Senogul on Mylodon Records (2007)
  • Harvest – “Tonight” from Northern Wind on Redphone Records (2014)
  • El circulo de Willis – “Tu No Sabes Lo Que Has Hecho (feat. The Locos, The Gambas, Hobeas Corpus & Poncho K)” from Fabulas on Independent (2012)
  • Taal – “Skymind” from Skymind on Musea (2003)
  • Lazuli – “Une pente qu’on dévale” from Tant que l’herbe est grasse on Eclats Production (2014)
  • Ange – “Le nain de Stanislas” from Emile Jacotey on Universal Music Division Mercury Records (1975)
  • JPL – “Lifelines” from MMXIV on Quadrifonic (2014)
  • Progression By Failure – “The Pyramid & the Sphere” from Sonic Travelogue on Musea Parallèle (2015)
  • Carpe Diem – “Circonvolutions” from Circonvolutions on Musea (2015)
  • Spheric Universe Experience – “Now Or Never” from Mental Torments on Replica Records (2005)

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