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Join us, won’t you, with a good scotch and a nice cigar, for the latest remote AmericanPrög Show in podcast form?

We’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderfulness of the pop groups who have helped us this month, some of whom have kissed Mike on the mouth:

Montrose – Space Station #5

Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band

Chicago Transit Authority – Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Redbone – One Monkey

Bastion Per – Epic Journey (live)

Cast – Ortni

Melvins – Star Spangled Banner

Kansas – Song For America (live)

Electro Compulsive Therapy – Colors Fade Away

Queensrÿche – Scarborough Fair

Megadeth – Anarchy in the U.K

Randy Newman – Jolly Coppers On Parade

Flying Colours – Cosmic Symphony

The Dead Milkmen – Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes and How

Dennis DeYoung – Grand Finale

Styx – The Best of Times




Welcome to this week’s Bobcast. Dead Bob’s Record of the week this week (verified via fax) is ‘Excuses for Kings’, by popular beat combo ‘The Catch’. Pavel and Maureen from HR dance sexy like it’s 1969 to ‘Circus’ and the eponymous hit ‘Excuses for Kings’. They kiss after.

We also play some tunes from these other pop groups:

Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo:

Budgie: THE MCA Albums 1973 – 1975

  • Napoleon Bona – Part One
  • Napoleon Bona – Part Two 

Cats In Space: The Story of Johnny Rocket

 – i Space Overture

 – ii Johnny Rocket

 – iii Thunder In The Night

 – iv One Small Step

 – v Twilight

 – vi Yesterday’s News

 – vii Destination Unknown 

Dead Bob’s SHELLAc aTTACK: 

IQ – The Seventh House Side One

 – The Wrong Side of weird

 – Erosion

Everything Everything – Planets

George Michael and Queen – Somebody to Love



Edition 267 of THE PROG MILL (first broadcast 27 June 2021), is now also available to listen to anytime or download.

Two hours of amazing melodic and symphonic progressive rock. Including this week’s review from The Progressive Aspect which looks at the new Frost* album, and a chance (if listening in time) to win the superb debut album by Catalyst*R on CD.

Here’s This Week’s Playlist

1 Combination Head – New City (Progress?)
2 Loonypark – The Truth (The 7th Dew)
3 The Ryszard Kramarski Project – The Trial (Books That End in Tears)
4 Catalyst*R – Goldst*R (Catalayst*R)
5 Odessa – Invocazione (Single)
6 Big Hogg – Wyverns (Pageant of Beasts)
7 Frost* – The Boy Who Stood Still (Day and Age)
8 Nad Sylvan – The Second Coming (Spiritus Mundi)
9 Mirage – Secret Place – Part 1 (Tales from the Green Sofa)
10 Ethos – Intrepid Traveller (Adour)
11 11 Fantasy – Alanderie (Beyond to Beyond)
12 The Decemberists – The Island, Come and See, The Landlord’s Daughter, You’ll Not Feel The Drowning (The Crane Wife)

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Tales from The Tiger Moth

Edition 147

Broadcast 19th June 2021

Soen – Deceiver
Raven Sad – The Sadness Of The Raven
Groundhog – 26 Minutes Later
Frost* – Island Life [Explicit]
Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One)
Seal – Human Beings (Extended)
Nine Skies – Wilderness (feat. Steve Hackett)
Genesis – Home By The Sea
Genesis – Second Home By The Sea
Spurge – A Skunk In Possums Clothing
Raven Sad – Ride The Tempest
Steve Hackett – Rise Again
Camel – Lunar Sea
Flanders And Swann – A Song Of Patriotic Prejudice
Yes – America


Broadcast 27th June 2021

Show 163

·        80’s Show Opener
·        Pleasure Victim Berlin
·        Pleasure of Love Tom Tom Club
·        Family Man Hall & Oates
·        Fantasy Island TV Theme  
·        It’s Inevitable Charlie
·        Rumours In the Air Night Ranger
·        The Last Domino Genesis
·        (R) The Voice The Moody Blues
·        (R) You Don’t Believe Alan Parsons Project
·        Purple Rain Prince and the Revolution
·        Three’s Company TV Theme  
·        Cover Me Bruce Springsteen
·        Working For the Weekend Loverboy
·        Holiday Madonna
·        MacGyver TV Theme
·        LA Law TV Theme
·        Fall of the Peacemakers Molly Hatchet
·        Veteran of the Psychic Wars Blue Oyster Cult
·        Guitar Shop Jeff Beck
·        The Jefferson’s TV Theme
·        Hart to Hart TV Theme
·        Shout (UK Mix) Tears For Fears
·        Rio Duran Duran
·        Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil
·        Max Headroom  
SIAS: Rush-Exit Stage Left (Side 4) Rush
·        Free Will Rush
·        Tom Sawyer Rush
·        La Villa Strangiato Rush
·        Owner of A Lonely Heart Yes
·        Kayleigh Marillion
·        Miami Vice Jan Hammer
·        Abracadabra Steve Miller Band
·        Police Squad Theme Music
·        Bad Michael Jackson
·        Day-In Day-Out (extended dub mix) David Bowie
·        White Wedding Pts 1 & 2 (Shotgun Mix) Billy Idol
·        If I’d Been the One 38 Special
·        The Fanatic Felony
·        Jeopardy (Dance Mix) Greg Kihn
·        Knight Rider Theme Music TV Theme
·        Never Say Never Romeo Void
·        Synchronicity 2 Police
·        The Space Between Roxy Music
·        Comin’ Under Fire Def Leppard
·        Mr. Roboto Styx
·        P Talk Talk
Chillin’ in the 80’s
·        Life In A Northern Town The Dream Academy
·        Your Latest Trick Dire Straits
·        Sea of Love The Honeydrippers
·        Moonlighting Theme (:15) Al Jarreau



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The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 27th June 2021

This show is Episode 3 of Dick Dapre’s top 52 favourite albums of all time

Artist Title Year Time
Yes Cinema 1983 2:07
Yes Leave It 1983 4:11
Thieves’ Kitchen Library Song 2015 6:45
The Fierce and the Dead Truck 2018 4:04
Tiger Moth Tales The Merry Vicar 2014 6:40
Big Big Train Salt Water Falling On Uneven Ground 2007 12:34
Chris Squire Hold Out Your Hand 1975 4:15
Chris Squire You By My Side 1975 5:01
The Enid Gallavant 1979 7:17
Bruford Either End of August 1978 6:05
Pendragon Indigo 2008 13:40
Bill Bruford’s Earthworks Tramontana 2004 8:04
The Tangent Clearing The Attic 2015 9:34
Frost Hyperventilate 2006 7:29

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Northern Star 24th June 2021.

NOT 50/50!  I hope


Theme Pallas – Northern Star

Closing theme Phil Lively What a wonderful world


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Back in the day, when Mike used to visit the studio for AmericanPrög Shows, we would shout into a Blue Snowball USB microphone positioned somewhere between us.


When we had finished we would occasionally record Not The AmericanPrög Shows.


This is one such show. Remastered to make it sound as best it could. It’s not the greatest sounding progressive rock podcast you’ll ever hear, but it sure as heck is better than it was.


This episode sees us playing some Epics, from such luminaries as It Bites, Yes, The Flower Kings and Marillion. So at least the MAMTABs is kept to a minimum.

Proving that prog isn’t just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 397 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  • Steve Howe – Pennants
  • Change – Proxima B
  • Return To Forever – Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant
  • Gerard Smith – The Storm
  • Astral Bazaar – Behind The Narrow Door
  • Hatfield And The North – The Yes No Interlude
  • Mumford & Sons – Lover Of The Light
  • Mobius – Rain Another Day
  • Pale Mannequin – Lunatic Pandora
  • Lord Helmet – Moth
  • Slift – Lions, Tigers And Bears
  • The Vintage Caravan – Clarity
  • Spock’s Beard – Harm’s Way
  • Materialeyes – Jerusalem Armageddon
  • King Crimson – Neal And Jack And Me
  • Nova Cascade – Rectify
  • Zombi – Turning Points
  • Caligula’s Horse – Autumn

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