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Northern Star 29th   April  2021.



Theme Pallas – Northern Star


  • Winnifred Atwell – Black and white rag
  • Knifeworld – A dream about a dream
  • Stars In Battledress – The women from the ministry
  • Gentle Giant – The Runaway
  • Kavus Torabi – Slow Movements
  • Gong – The Unspeakable stands revealed
  • Caravan – Winter wine
  • Magma – Hortz Fur Dëhn Stekëhn West
  • Soft machine – Out Bloody Rageous
  • Oscar perry – Merry go round
  • Camberwell Now – The Ghost Trade
  • The Utopia Strong – Transitions to the afterlife
  • Gong – A Sprinkling of clouds
  • Albert Marcoeur – Album de photos
  • Guapo – Tremors from the Future
  • Robert Wyatt – Sea Song
  • Chrome Hoof – Deadly Pressure (feat Cluster)
  • Cardiacs – Ditzy Scene
  • Mediaeval Baebes – She walks in beauty
  • Vangelis – To the unknown man

Closing theme Phil Lively What a wonderful world


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There are tons of tasty tunes to astound and astonish you on this week’s Prog-Watch! Prick up your ears to hear great stuff from Frost*, District 97, Midlake, The Mighty Handful, Lifesigns, Arc Of Life, Robert Berry’s 3.2, The Flying Caravan, Zeh, and UVTraveler!

817: Variety


Proving that prog isn’t just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 390 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #413 (“A Break From These Times”)

Heading into the 9th year of the show, I’m doing my best to provide you a weekly break from WHATEVER you’re dealing with during these unusual times.

And that’s probably the best way to describe this week’s show: A break for all of us…from these times.

But taking a break doesn’t mean it’s going to be a ‘light show’.


  • Hoopy Frood – “Let’s Help One Another” from Affirmations on Independent (2021)
  • KEOR – “Underworld” from Tearoom on Independent (2021)
  • Holy Monitor – “River” from Southern Lights on Blackspin Records (2021)
  • Polymoon – “Silver Mountain” from Caterpillars of Creation on Svart Records (2020)
  • Twangmen – “Bridgeland” from Triskele and Cascades on Avidplay (2020)
  • Pilot Voyager – Nuclear Candy Bar from Nuclear Candy Bar on Psychedelic Source Records (2021)
  • The Space Huns – “Scythian Shaman” from Tales of Huns on Stoned Ganesh Records (2021)
  • KEOR – “!!!” from Tearoom on Independent (2021)
  • KEOR – “Blossom” from Tearoom on Independent (2021)
  • Moby – “All I Want Is To Be Loved” from Everything is Wrong on (1995)
  • The Space Huns – “Chasing The Magic Deer” from Tales of Huns on Stoned Ganesh Records (2021)
  • Liquid Tension Experiment – “Beating The Odds” from LTE3 on InsideOut (2021)
  • The Man From RavCon – “New Wings” from Hero on Independent (2021)

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Edition 258 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla (478 in total), first broadcast 25 April 2021, is now also available for you to listen to anytime or download. Another two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock, including our fun quick fire proggy quiz and the latest album review from the Progressive Aspect.

Here’s This Week’s Playlist

1 The Catch – Excuses for Kings (Excuses for Kings)
2 Fall of Episteme – Experience Oblige (Fall of Episteme)
3 Light Damage – Eden (Light Damage)
4 KDB3 – The Leprechaun’s Pipe (Single)
5 Moonshot – Before That Before (Worlds of Yesterday)
6 Andres Guazzelli – Attention (Atypical)
7 Anders Buaas – Judgement (Tarot)
8 Vienna Circle – Golden Sunset Roulette (Secrets of the Rising Sun)
9 Nick D’Virgilio – Mercy (Invisible)
10 Camel – Stationary Traveller (Stationary Traveller)
11 The Dear Hunter – Is There Anybody Here (Act IV – Rebirth In Reprise)
12 Gnidrolog – I Could Never be a Soldier (Lady Lake)
13 Pentangle – Once I Had a Sweetheart (Basket of Light)

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Your melodic and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 143

Broadcast 24th April 2021


Big Big Train – Prelude To The Underfall Yard
Big Big Train – The Underfall Yard (2020 version)
Cosmograf – In 1985
Nad Sylvan – The Stolen Child
Jon Anderson – Meeting (Garden of Geda) / Sound out the Galleon
Steve Hackett – The Voice Of Necam
Alberto Rigoni – Alone in the Dark (feat. Doug Wimbish)
Katie Pachnos – Ayreon – Hopelessly Slipping Away
Simon Collins – Dead Ends
RPWL – God Has Failed
Lifesigns – Ivory Tower
Cosmograf – Rattrapante
Nad Sylvan – The Fisherman
Genesis – Driving The Last Spike
Frost* – The Raging Against The Dying of the Light Blues in 7/8 (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
Frost* – Nice Day for It… (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
Frost* – Hypoventilate (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)
Frost* – Last Day (Live at Dingwalls, London, 24th November 2017)

The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 25th April 2021 – a 1978 Special

Artist Title Time
Tangerine Dream Bent Cold Sidewalk 13:04
Strawbs Words of Wisdom 5:42
Camel The Sleeper 7:01
Jethro Tull Weathercock 4:04
Dixie Dregs Little Kids 2:01
Be Bop Deluxe Islands of the Dead 3:43
Frank Zappa RDNZL 8:11
UK Nevermore 8:09
Kate Bush Kashka From Baghdad 3:53
Bubu El Cortejo de un Dia Amarillo 19:22
Jean-Luc Ponty Don’t Let The World Pass You By 6:23
Genesis Say It’s Alright Joe 4:15
Peter Hammill The Future Now 4:10
Anthony Phillips Pulling Faces 4:32
Yes On The Silent Wings of Freedom 7:46

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THe Ancient One is pleased to be able to say that Show No 159 is now available as a podcast. This is a show from the series “Concept Album Shows” and features Edison’s Children, Mandalaband, Karfagen, Sonus Umbra, Phideaux and Jon Anderson.
Each “track” will feature a section from the concept album.
Settle back and join Jim Lawson for another journey of discovery in the world of progressive music.


1 Greenslade – Spirit Of The Dance (excerpt used as the Intro, taken from the album Recollections)
2 Edison’s Children – The Disturbance Fields Pt 1-7 (2019)
3 Mandalaband – The Eye Of Wendor Pt 1-9 (1978)
4 Karfagen – The Magician’s Theater Pt 1-7 (2014)
5 Sonus Umbra – Winter Soulstice Pt 1-5 (2013)
6 Phideaux – Doomsday Afternoon Pt 1-5 (2007)
7 Jon Anderson – Olias Of Sunhillow Pt 1-4 (remastered version 2021)
8 Greenslade – Joie De Vivre (excerpt used as the Outro, taken from the album Recollections)

Whilst The Kraaaz was away in the Galapagos recently, Brian and Mike covered his Krazzloft Vinyl Show, with predictable results. A plethora of fine artistes, taking pity on their general lack of charisma and fine motor skills, helped them out:

The Clash – London Calling

The Polyphonic Spree – The Spirit of Radio

Chris Rea – The Road to Hell Pt 2


Bob’s Boxset Bingo

  • Frost* – Black Light Machine
  • Steve Hackett – Duel
  • Pendragon – If I Were The Wind (live)


Mike’s Yacht-Rock Six-Pack

 – Christopher Cross – Sailing 

 – Don Henley – The Boys of Summer

 – Duran Duran – Save a Prayer

 – Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long

 – Seals & Crofts – Summer Breeze

 – Toto – Africa


Dave Dawson – A Freek, Aah


Slide Into A Side 1: Genesis Seconds Out 

 – Squonk

 – Carpet Crawlers

 – Robbery, Assault & Battery

 – Afterglow


Eminem – Lose Yourself


Slide Into A Side 2 – Transatlantic The Absolute Universe Forevermore (Extended Version)

 – Overture

 – Heart Like A Whirlwind

 – Higher Than the Morning


Dream Theater – Scene One: Regression / Scene Two: Overture 1928

Marillion – The Leavers

The Flower Kings – Flora Majora

Spock’s Beard – The Light


Comedy of Errors – Time There Was

The Who – Baba O’Riley 

Steven Wilson – Personal Shopper ( Nile Rogers Remix)

Stereo Total – Lunatique

Ward XVI – Burn the Witch excerpt