Podcast: The Progressive Rock show broadcast 25th April 2021

The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 25th April 2021 – a 1978 Special

Artist Title Time
Tangerine Dream Bent Cold Sidewalk 13:04
Strawbs Words of Wisdom 5:42
Camel The Sleeper 7:01
Jethro Tull Weathercock 4:04
Dixie Dregs Little Kids 2:01
Be Bop Deluxe Islands of the Dead 3:43
Frank Zappa RDNZL 8:11
UK Nevermore 8:09
Kate Bush Kashka From Baghdad 3:53
Bubu El Cortejo de un Dia Amarillo 19:22
Jean-Luc Ponty Don’t Let The World Pass You By 6:23
Genesis Say It’s Alright Joe 4:15
Peter Hammill The Future Now 4:10
Anthony Phillips Pulling Faces 4:32
Yes On The Silent Wings of Freedom 7:46

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