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Edition 236 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Spheric Universe Experience – Self Abuse
Nord – The Unstoppable
Ulcerate – There Is No Horizon
Oranssi Pazuzu – Uusi Teknokratia

That Was The Year That Prog: 2012
Devin Townsend Project – Kingdom
Circus Maximus – Architect of Fortune
Between The Buried And Me – Astral Body
The Contortionist – Dreaming Schematics
Headspace – Fall of America

Epic at 11: Ne Obliviscaris – And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope

Time Lost – Stage III. Rage
Obsidian Kingdom – Darkness

Album of the Week: Thaikkudam Bridge – Navarasam : An ennead

Shaolin Death Squad – Toad

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Magenta- Bela

Kyros – Technology Killed The Kids III

Pacifica – The Mariner

Dark Star – Kaptain America

The Jam – Set the House Ablaze

Tiger Moth Tales – Still Alive

Yuka & Chronoship – The Air Ship of Jean Giraud

The Ben Cameron Project – Break It Open

Golden Earring – Did I Make You Up

Mansun – Things Keep Falling Off Buildings

Edition 247 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Frost* – Fathers (from Others)
Lonely Robot – Life is a Sine Wave (from Feelings Are Good)
Gravity Machine – It’s Summer (from Red)
Pattern-Seeking Animals – Elegant Vampires (from Prehensile Tales)
Airbag – Sunsets (from A Day At The Beach)
Lunatic Soul – A Thousand Shards of Heaven (from Fractured)
Yes – Mood For A Day (from Fragile)
King Crimson – Sailor’s Tale (from Islands)
Mostly Autumn – Western Skies (from White Rainbow)
Weend’O – You Need To Know Yourself (from You Need To Know Yourself)
Stolen Earth – Unnatural Disaster (from A Far Cry from Home)
Barclay James Harvest – Ring Of Changes (from Ring Of Changes)
Pallas – Paris Is Burning (from Paris Is Burning)
Corvus Stone – Corvus Stone (from Corvus Stone)
Darrel Treece-Birch – Music of the Spheres (from No More Time)
Porcupine Tree – Sever Tomorrow (from Insignificance)
John Wesley – Showing Happy to the World (from Chasing Monsters)
Dave Kerzner – Into The Sun (from New World)
Bjørn Riis – The Chase (from Lullabies in a Car Crash)
Black Bonzo – Giant Games (from Sound of the Apocalypse)
Thank You Scientist – Carnival (from Maps Of Non-Existent Places)
3 – All That Remains (from The End is Begun)

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Progressive Tracks Show #370 (The Beautiful Genre)

Progressive Rock is one of the most emotive and beautiful musical genres… so says I.

This week’s show is going to be a big ‘lighter’ overall; each track is beautiful in its own way… and of course, in my opinion.

And, sadly, we’ll have a tribute to another great artist… and that’s not just my opinion.

  • King Crimson – “Lady of the Dancing Water” from Lizard on DGM (1970)
  • King Crimson – “Cat Food” from In The Wake of Poseidon on DGM (1970)
  • Ahvak – “Bherta” from Ahvak on Cuneiform Records (2004)
  • Electric Mud – “Quiet Days On Earth” from Quiet Days On Earth on Independent (2020)
  • Atilla Engin & Mateo – “Take Care of Your Baby” from Turkish Delight on Arsivplak (1980)
  • Gary Husband & Markus Reuter – “Music of Our Times” from Music of Our Times on MoonJune Records (2020)
  • Jonathan & Corentin Aussems – “Uhb” from Idegael on (2016)
  • King Crimson – “Cadence and Cascade” from In The Wake of Poseidon on DGM (1970)
  • King Crimson – “Islands” from Islands on DGM (1970)
  • Ahvak – “Ahvak” from Ahvak on Cuneiform Records (2004)
  • El Tubo Elastico – “La marcha elástica de los enanitos” from La marcha elástica de los enanitos – Single on Independent (2020)
  • King Crimson – “Happy Family” from Lizard on DGM (1970)

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Edition 235 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


DGM – Trust (from Momentum)
Paralydium – Within The Sphere (from World Beyond)
Mekong Delta – Mindeater (from Tales of a Future Past)
Hopescure – Anger (from Nostalgia, Pt. 1)
Isle of the Cross – Tartarus

That Was The Year That Prog: 2001
Evergrey – The Masterplan
Katatonia – The Future of Speech
Zero Hour – The Subterranean
Ark – Absolute Zero
Adagio – The Inner Road

Epic at 11: Dream Theater – The Ministry Of Lost Souls

Aeon Zen – Another Piece That Fits
Arch/Matheos – Neurotically Wired

Album of the Week: Canvas Solaris – Sublimation
Cycotron Emission
Ekstatik Parataxis (The New Measure)

Skyharbor – The Reckoning

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Edition 216 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (436 in total), first broadcast 28 June 2020, is now also available to stream on demand or download. Two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock, old and new. Also this week (if listening before 10pm UK Wed 1 July) you can win the new CD by German progressive rock band Saris, and we also have the latest review from The Progressive Aspect which considers the new album by Band of Rain.

Here’s This Week’s Playlist

The playlist for last night’s PROG MILL (edition 216 for Progzilla Radio
and 436 in total), first broadcast Sunday 28 June 2020, was:

1 Windom End – Walk This Way (Perspective Vieews)
2 Alcantara – Seasons (Solitaire)
3 Corpo – Rue Bourbon a New Orleans (III)
4 Saris – New World (Beyond The Rainbow)
5 This Winter Machine – The Wheel (The Man Who Never Was)
6 Sunchild – Searching Diamonds (Messages from Afar – The Division and Illusion of Time)
7 Band of Rain – Larkspur (Petrichor)
8 Cyan – Goodbye World (The Creeping Vine)
9 Affinity – All Along The Watchtower (Affinity)
10 That Joe Payne – Moonlit Love (By Name, By Nature)
11 Magic Bus – New Day (The Earth Years)
12 Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – Overture: Mountaintop and Sunrise/Communion with the Sun (Ra)
13 Procol Harum – Whaling Stories (Procol Harum Live – In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)

You can hear The Prog Mill on Progzilla Radio at these times every week ( – via the tune in and other internet radio apps and platforms – or ask your smart speaker to “Play Radio Progzilla on Tune-In”) :

Sundays 10pm – Midnight UK (2100UTC) – main broadcast
Tuesdays 0300-0500 UK (0200UTC) – For North America – Mon 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern
Tuesdays 2300-0100UK (2200 UTC) – 1500 Pacific/1800 Eastern
Saturdays 6-8pm UK (1700 UTC) – Family friendly Saturday evening repeat

Your melodic
and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or

Edition 246 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Haken – Invasion (from Virus)
The Ben Cameron Project – Breaking It Open (from Breaking It Open)
Isle Of The Cross – Stars (from Excelsis)
Deep Purple – Man Alive (from Whoosh!)
The Bardic Depths – The End (from The Bardic Depths)
Mindspeak – Tetrachrome (from Eclipse Chaser)
The Moody Blues – House Of Four Doors (Part 1)/Legend Of A Mind/House Of Four Doors (Part 2) (from In Search Of The Lost Chord)
Procol Harum – In Held Twas In I (from Shine On Brightly)
Van der Graaf Generator – Nutter Alert (from Present)
Pure Reason Revolution – Valour (from Hammer and Anvil)
Peter Gabriel – Not One Of Us (from Peter Gabriel III)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Pretending To See The Future (from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)
Rainburn – Mirrors (from Insignify)
Coma Rossi – Transmission (from Coma Rossi)
Echolyn – Settled Land (from As The World)
Damian Wilson – When I Leave This Land (from Cosmas)
Jethro Tull – Raising Steam (from Crest of a Knave)
Genesis – Land Of Confusion (from Invisible Touch)
Golden Earring – Je Regrette (from The Hague)
Isgaard – Your World Is Broken (from Human)
Thaikkudam Bridge – Fish Rock (from Fish Rock)

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Broadcast 28th June 2020

Show 119

1.    Second Home By the Sea Genesis
2.    I Believe You Y & T (formerly yesterday & Today)
3.    Old Man Neil Young
4.    Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh
5.    Nassau/Baby I love Your Way Peter Frampton
6.    Everything Thatcha Do Wet Willie
7.    The Glass Hall (Choose the Crystal) Andreas Vollenweider
8.    Exiles King Crimson
9.    Mockingbird Barclay James Harvest
Apocalypse 6-Pack
10. Waiting for the End of the World Elvis Costello
11. Apocalypso Motels w/Martha Davies
12. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult
13. Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival
14. It’s The End of the World As We Know It… R.E.M.
15. Wooden Ships Crosby Stills & Nash
16. Opening Station/I Don’t Know Paul McCartney
17. Carnivale This Winter Machine
18. Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave Dave Mason
19. Better Find Jesus Mason – Proffit B
20. Harmony Pure Prairie League
SIAS: On The Threshold of a Dream S1 The Moody Blues
21. In the Beginning The Moody Blues
22. Lovely To See You The Moody Blues
23. Dear Diary The Moody Blues
24. Send Me No Wine The Moody Blues
25. To Share Our Love The Moody Blues
26. So Deep Within You The Moody Blues
Virtuoso Guitarists
27. Flight of the Snow Moose Gary Moore
28. News Dire Straits
29. The Funny Avocado Michael Hedges
30. Phenomenon Compulsion John McLaughlin
31. Whenever Your Ready Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express
32. Batuka/No One To Depend On Santana
Celebrating Birthdays
33. Rainmaker Traffic
34. Tell Me All The things You Do Fleetwood Mac
35. Woman From Tokyo Deep Purple
36. Devil In Disguise Green Desert Tree
37. California Flash
and the Pan
38. Planet Pt. 3 Planet of the Abts
Chillin’ Down w/the Blues
39. Texas Flood Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dbl Trouble
40. Part Time Love BB King
41. Caught Out In The Rain Beth Hart
42. Midnight Rider Gregg Allman




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Edition 245 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Black Sabbath – I (from Dehumanizer)
Black Sabbath – Too Late (from Dehumanizer)
Black Sabbath – Master of Insanity/After All (live) (from Dehumanizer (deluxe edition))
Dio – Strange Highways (from Strange Highways)
Dio – Give Her the Gun (from Strange Highways)
Dio – Stay Out of My Mind (from Angry Machines)
Dio – This is Your Life (from Angry Machines)
Dog Eat Dog – Games (feat. Ronnie James Dio) (from Play Games)
Pat Boone – Holy Diver (feat. Ronnie James Dio) (from In A Metal Mood – No More Mr Nice Guy)
Dio & Others – Welcome To My Nightmare (from Humanary Stew: A Tribute To Alice Cooper)
Ronnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen – Dream On (from Not The Same Old Song & Dance (Tribute To Aerosmith))
Deep Purple – Sitting in a Dream (live) (from In Concert with The London Symphony Orchestra)
Deep Purple – Love Is All (live) (from In Concert with The London Symphony Orchestra)
Dio – Fever Dreams (from Magica)
Dio – Lord Of The Last Day (from Magica)
Dio – Killing The Dragon (from Killing The Dragon)
Dio – Throw Away Children (from Killing The Dragon)
Dio – Master Of The Moon (from Master Of The Moon)
Dio – The Man Who Would Be King (from Master Of The Moon)
Tenacious D – Kickapoo (feat. Meat Loaf and Ronnie James Dio) (from The Pick of Destiny)
Queensrÿche – The Chase (from Operation: Mindcrime II)
Black Sabbath – The Devil Cried (from The Dio Years)
Heaven and Hell – Shadow of the Wind (live) (from Live From Radio City Music Hall)
Heaven and Hell – Bible Black (from The Devil You Know)
Heaven and Hell – Fear (from The Devil You Know)
Heaven and Hell – Die Young (live) (from Neon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell)
Dio – Electra (from Electra)

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Edition 244 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Black Sabbath – Children Of The Sea (from Heaven and Hell)
Black Sabbath – Die Young (from Heaven and Hell)
Black Sabbath – Neon Knights (Live in Hartford, CT, 1980) (from Heaven & Hell (Deluxe Edition))
Kerry Livgren – Mask of the Great Deceiver (feat. Ronnie James Dio) (from Seeds of Change)
Kerry Livgren – To Live For The King (feat. Ronnie James Dio) (from Seeds of Change)
Black Sabbath – The Sign Of The Southern Cross (from Mob Rules)
Black Sabbath – Falling Off The Edge Of The World (from Mob Rules)
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (live) (from Live Evil)
Dio – Rainbow In The Dark (from Holy Diver)
Dio – Holy Diver (from Holy Diver)
Dio – Stargazer (live) (from Dio at Donington UK)
Dio – Heaven and Hell (live) (from Dio at Donington UK)
Dio – The Last in Line (from The Last in Line)
Dio – Egypt (The Chains Are On) (from The Last in Line)
Dio – Sacred Heart (from Sacred Heart)
Dio – Hungry For Heaven (from Sacred Heart)
Hear ‘n’ Aid – Stars (from Hear ‘n Aid (An All-Star Album For Famine Relief))
Dio – Hide In The Rainbow (from Iron Eagle original soundtrack)
Dio – Dream Evil (from Dream Evil)
Dio – Naked In The Rain (from Dream Evil)
Dio – Man On The Silver Mountain (live) (from Dio at Donington UK)
Dio – All The Fools Sailed Away (live) (from Dio at Donington UK)
Dio – Born On The Sun (from Lock Up The Wolves)
Dio – Between Two Hearts (from Lock Up The Wolves)
Dio – King Of Rock And Roll (live) (from Finding the Sacred Heart – Live in Philly)

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