Sounds That Can Be Made #247

Edition 247 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Frost* – Fathers (from Others)
Lonely Robot – Life is a Sine Wave (from Feelings Are Good)
Gravity Machine – It’s Summer (from Red)
Pattern-Seeking Animals – Elegant Vampires (from Prehensile Tales)
Airbag – Sunsets (from A Day At The Beach)
Lunatic Soul – A Thousand Shards of Heaven (from Fractured)
Yes – Mood For A Day (from Fragile)
King Crimson – Sailor’s Tale (from Islands)
Mostly Autumn – Western Skies (from White Rainbow)
Weend’O – You Need To Know Yourself (from You Need To Know Yourself)
Stolen Earth – Unnatural Disaster (from A Far Cry from Home)
Barclay James Harvest – Ring Of Changes (from Ring Of Changes)
Pallas – Paris Is Burning (from Paris Is Burning)
Corvus Stone – Corvus Stone (from Corvus Stone)
Darrel Treece-Birch – Music of the Spheres (from No More Time)
Porcupine Tree – Sever Tomorrow (from Insignificance)
John Wesley – Showing Happy to the World (from Chasing Monsters)
Dave Kerzner – Into The Sun (from New World)
Bjørn Riis – The Chase (from Lullabies in a Car Crash)
Black Bonzo – Giant Games (from Sound of the Apocalypse)
Thank You Scientist – Carnival (from Maps Of Non-Existent Places)
3 – All That Remains (from The End is Begun)

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