PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #483 (“What Is Progressive, Anyway?”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #483 (“What Is Progressive, Anyway?”) Hate to disappoint, but you’ll not get any answers from Mike… But you WILL get a lot of excellent music! PLAYLIST: Peter Lawson-Venus Loon – ‘New Puritan State” from Havoc (with Wolfgang Ostermann) on Aumega Project (2022) [01:30] The Mommyheads – “First Five Seconds” from Genius […]

Prog-Watch 932 – Epix, Vol. 11

This week’s Prog-Watch is another edition of Epix! But this time around I’ve done something a little different. The songs are all still 10 plus minutes in length, but this time there is more emphasis on the contemporary. Only one track comes from the 70s…the rest are from this century, with one from 2001, one […]

Prog-Watch 930 – Shaking the Yes Family Tree (Remastered + Bonus Track)

I sometimes listen to old shows to see how I’ve progressed. In listening to this first edition in my “Shaking the Tree” series, I really liked the content, but feel the sound quality leaves a little to be desired. So I decided to remaster it, and in many cases used tracks from remastered versions of […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #472 “(Steadying Force – A Tribute to Alan White”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #472 (“Steadying Force  – A Tribute to Alan White”) This week was Alan White’s birthday… he would have been 73. Some weeks after Alan’s passing, I’m finally able to put together a tribute to a great musician (and an even greater human being) with some music and personal stories. I hope […]

The Podcast of Prog-Watch 918 is Available!

Be on the lookout for a plethora of fabulous progressive rock music on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear from Luca Di Gennaro, Tiger Moth Tales, Checking For Echo Project, SomeWhereOut, Kaprekar’s Constant, Twelfth Night, Yes, The Flower Kings, Christopher Libertino, Ben Craven, and The ESP Project! As Yoda would say, “Miss it not!” 918: Variety […]

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The Podcast of Prog-Watch 917 is Available!

Take your best shot this week with Prog-Watch! On this little themed special we’ll hear from Utopia, Mansun, Anekdoten, Dennis DeYoung, UFO, Pineapple Thief, Rick Wakeman, Yes, Anthony Phillips, Kevin Ayers, Traffic, Saul Blease, Richard & Linda Thompson, Peter Hammill, and Fish! All in 90 minutes! 917: Take Your Best Shot  

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The Podcast of Prog-Watch 911 is Available!

More astounding progressive sounds await on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear music from Tiger Moth Tales, Lobate Scarp, Silver Nightmares, Black Sabbath (yes, Black Sabbath!) and Yes! Plus, our friend and resident reviewer, Dr. Rob Fisher, will take us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with Life In Two Dimensions, the latest solo album by […]

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PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #450 (“Emerging From The [main]Stream”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #450 (“Emerging From The [main]Stream”) Free at last! Mike emerges from 12 days of forced winter seclusion to bring you music that’s outside the mainstream. Warning:  There may be some ‘cabin fever’ evident… PLAYLIST: Consider The Source – “There Was Time Now” from Hybrid Vol. 1:  Such As A Mule on […]

The Podcast of This Week’s Prog-Watch is Available!

This week’s Prog-Watch is a straight-up variety program full of great, (mostly) contemporary progressive rock! I’ve got fantastic stuff from Leslie Hunt, Fantasy, This Winter Machine, Hangar Nord, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Kosmodome, Cyan, Yes, Red Sand, and Glass Hammer! I hope you will join me! 846: Variety  

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PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #437 (“Together in Prog”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #437 (“Together In Prog”) It’s another new music week… but with an abundance from an extra special Golden Tracks feature ‘album’ I’ve been promising you ! PLAYLIST: Smooth Kiwi – “Reel Love” from Apogee on Smooth Kiwi Studios (2021) Bent Knee – “Queer Gods” from Frosting on Independent (2021) So Far […]