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After the monumental events of the last few weeks, we ALL deserve a break.

And what better way to take a break, than to get lost in some great new music?  I can’t think of a better way either…so join me!


  • The Censors – “Realer Than Reality” from Snow Is Warm on The Censors (2020)
  • Gong Wah – “Let’s Get Lost” from Gong Wah on Tonzonen (2020)
  • Qüassi – “Solitario Spider” from Mareas on Qüassi (2020)
  • The Segue – “Exosphere” from Holograms on Lynx Music (2019)
  • Flairck – “Nepeta Cataria” from Back Alive! On (2020)
  • Metronhomme – “Di Una Moneta Che Cade” from Tutta Il Tempo Del Mondo Part 1 Oikos on Independent (2020)
  • The Crown – “Pivot & Pirouette” from Pivot & Pirouette – Single on The Crown (2020)
  • The Censors – “Snow Is Warm” from Snow Is Warm on The Censors (2020)
  • yllwshrk – “Pyramids” from I Am Aladdin on EOA Recordings (2020)
  • Jack O’ The Clock – “The Chauffeur” from No Outlet (volume 2:  2014-2018) on Independent (2020)
  • Herd Of Instinct – “Conjure” from  Unravel on Firepool Records (2020)
  • Snooze – “Feels Bad” from Still on Snooze (2020)
  • Scherzoo – “Le Reveil“ from 05 on Lizard Records (2020)
  • MOOP – “Tourments d’un socialiste sous un gouvernement rom” from MOOP on Independent (2017)
  • The Censors – “EOL” from Snow Is Warm on The Censors (2020)

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