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Progressive Tracks Show #382 (The Anomalous Autumn)

It seems like Summer came
and went without even a notice…as the historic events of 2020 rolled inexorably on.

Now we find ourselves at the Autumnal Equinox…traditionally a time of balance, protection, comfort,
and letting go.  But what’s our future?  I’ll pose that it’s Precarious…
and Uncertain.

I, for one, don’t have a crystal ball… but together, we can take this next hour or so to explore some of this Anomalous Autumn’s possibilities.

  • Kavee – “Indian Summer” from Metempsychosis on Independent (2020)
  • Galliard – “Hear The Colours” from Strange Pleasure on Lake Erie Records (1969)
  • Pulsónica – “Qué Tara!” from Fuera de Tiempo on Viajero Inmóvil Records (2015)
  • Ill Wicker – “Fret” from Under Diana on Electricity Records (2014)
  • L
    – “Fluency of Colors” from Sphere on K Records (2004)
  • Mother Turtle – “Harvest Moon” from II on Mother Turtle (2016)
  • The Mercury Tree – “Colorfalls” from Five Seven EP on Independent (2007)
  • Thought Chamber – “Transcend” from Psykerion on InsideOutMusic (2013)
  • Faun Fables – “Intro: Darkness” from Light of a Vaster Dark on  Drag City (2010)
  • Obsidian Kingdom – “The K
    andinsky Group” from A Year With No Summer on Season of Mist (2016)
  • Sarcophagus Now – “Hibernation Man” from Sarcophagus Now on Independent (2018)
  • Faun Fables – “Hibernation Tales” from Light of a Vaster Dark on  Drag City (2010)
  • Faun Fables – “Outro: Light” from Light of a Vaster Dark on  Drag City (2010)

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