PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #452 (“What Comes To Mind”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #452 (“What Comes To Mind”) It’s one of those shows that just comes together as it comes together because of the music… in spectacular fashion. Warning:  It’s best you don’t think about what Mike must have been thinking about while concocting this one. PLAYLIST: Jomo Tuun – “Barghurst” from One Tuun […]

Last Weekend’s 101 Dimensions Podcast Is Available!

Last weekend’s 101 Dimensions program is available as a podcast at! 101 Dimensions: Electronic Music I’m at the helm again for this week’s show and I have an interesting voyage charted! For those who might want to follow our progress, here’s a map: 1. Hawkwind – LSD; and Blue Shift (from the album 25 […]

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