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More astounding progressive sounds await on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear music from Fractal Mirror, Alex Pilkevych, Alcantara, Krokofant, Tom Slatter, Choclat Frog, Pentesilea Road, and Premiata Forneria Marconi! Plus, our friend and resident reviewer, Dr. Rob Fisher, will take us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the solo debut of Riverside kyeboardist Michal Lapaj!

844: Variety + Michal Lapaj on Progressive Discoveries



THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #435 (“Getting Back To New Music”)

This week is easy:  There’s a LOT of newly-released music out there, and I’m playing it.
C’mon along and partake!
  • Glasgow Coma Scale – “Magik” from Sirens on Tonzonen Records (2021)
  • Krokofant – “Big Heavy Thing” from Fifth on Rune Grammofon (2021)
  • Liquify – “Crystal Flow Forth from The Sea of Green” from Illusionary Reality on Unknown Controller (2021)
  • Spacebag – “New Jersey Al (Di Meola)” from Party Prog Nights on Independent (2021)
  • Ventifacts – “The Ballad of Hearst & Herrimann” from Ventifacts on Independent (2021)
  • Nothing Is Real – “Spontaneous Energetic Interference” from Transmissions Of The Unearthly on Independent (2021)
  • Vokonis – “Through The Depths” from Odyssey on The Sign Records (2021)
  • Nolan Potter – “Stubborn Bubble” from Music Is Dead on Castle Face Records (2021)
  • Krokofant – “Five Flat Pennies” from Fifth on Rune Grammofon (2021)
  • Perhaps – “Mad Smiles” from Mad Smiles – Single on Independent (2021)
  • Spacebag – “Circadian Nightmare” from Party Prog Nights on Unknown Controller (2021)
  • Glasgow Coma Scale – “One Must Fall” from Sirens on Tonzonen Records (2021)
  • Ventifacts – “Hidden Well” from Ventifacts on Independent (2021)

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