Prog-Watch 1113 – Variety with PROG Magazine Artists

March 28, 2024

This week I’ve got a plethora of present-day Prog from Luz de Riada, A Secret River, Isildur’s Bane, Steve Hackett, Drifting Sun, Big Big Train, and Karfagen! Plus four bands featured in this month’s PROG Magazine: Nospun, Aviations, Psychework, and Harp! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

Prog-Watch 1111 – Variety + Imperial Measures on Progressive Discoveries

March 14, 2024

More great, contemporary progressive sounds await on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear music from Luz de Riada, Karfagen, Steve Hackett, Drifting Sun, Shadows on Mercury, and Big Big Train! Plus, our friend and resident reviewer, Dr. Rob Fisher, returns to take us on a voyage of Progressive Discovery with the debut album by Imperial Measures! […]

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 20th March 2023

March 21, 2023

How’s it going fellow Proggers ??? Hope you can join us this week for yet another three hour PROG SPECTACULAR, but be warned – Rita has turned it up to 11 and beyond this week so please make sure you have plenty of Paracetamol to hand 😉 😉 Enjoy the rush – Steve & Lou […]

The Podcast of Prog-Watch 716 is Available at!

April 23, 2020

This week on Prog-Watch I have a themed special called “A Song For All Seasons”! With music by Dukes of the Orient, Guy Manning, Terry Draper, Squackett, Justin Hayward, Steve Howe, Alan White, The Zombies, White Willow, Kayak, Potter’s Daughter, Joe Walsh, Mostly Autumn, Karfagen, Ray Wilson, Zebra, Threshold, and Marillion! All in 90 minutes! […]

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The Podcast of Prog-Watch 711 is Available at!

March 19, 2020

This week on Prog-Watch I have a straight up variety program for you, and much of the stuff I will be playing is relatively new! With music from Blind Ego, Karfagen, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Dreaming Madmen, Great Pacific Orchestra, Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Nick Magnus, Ritual, and Sonus Umbra!  

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The Podcast of Prog-Watch 709 is Available at!

February 27, 2020

This week’s Prog-Watch features a lot of great, modern Prog Rock from Jan Akkerman, Karfagen, Low Roar, Rodney Matthews and Jeff Scheetz with Oliver Wakeman, Nick Magnus, and Frequent Flyers, and a “proggy”classic from Elton John! Plus, The Doctor, Rob Fisher, will be examining the debut album by the UK group Chasing the Monsoon!

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PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #307 (Enter… The Artist)

April 9, 2019

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #307 (Enter… The Artist) Being a source of inspiration for others isn’t easy.  Those with the innate talent for seeing the world in a different way are, themselves, different.  And that doesn’t always fit in so well with what the rest of ‘the sleepers’ consider as the norm. This week we’ll […]