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As a warm-up (or bone-chill) for Samhain or Halloween, this week’s Prog-Watch is all about nightmares and the macabre! With songs concerning things spooky or supernatural from Alice Cooper, Atomic Rooster, King Crimson, Uriah Heep, Kansas, Rush, Anthony Phillips, Spock’s Beard, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, and Jethro Tull! Join me…if you dare!

843: Welcome to My Nightmare


THE KRAZZLOFT VINYL SHOW #174 (“ProgTracks Takeover”)

It’s the ProgTracks Takeover of the KLVS.
Remember the chaos of how your kid’s school would do a 4-hour takeover of McDonald’s to raise money? Yeah, it’s kinda like that kind of chaos without any funds (visibly) changing hands.
No Krazz… No Loft… No Vinyl… just lots and lots of music you haven’t heard (at least in a while).


  • GAMMA – “Solar Heat/Ready For Action” from GAMMA 1 (1979)
  • David Baerwald – “The Waiter” from Triage (1994)
  • Robert Randolph & The Family Band – “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” from Colorblind (2006)
  • Ben Harper & Relentless 7 – “Boot Like These “from White Lies for Hard Times (2009)


  • Magic Beans – “From Here On Out” from Casino Cabaret (2018)
  • Our Lady Peace – “Clumsy” from Clumsy (1997)
  • Cake – “The Distance” from Fashion Nugget (1996)
  • Eve 6 – “How Much Longer from Eve 6 (1997)

————–DJ’s DJ SET——————————

  • Fatboy Slim – “Right Here, Right Now” from You’ve Come A Long Way Baby (1998)
  • Beck – “Hotwax” from Odelay (1996)
  • sElf – “Borateen” from Subliminal Plastic Motives (1995)
  • Moby – “Bring Back My Happiness” from Everything is Wrong (1995)

————–MY CHOICE SET————————

  • Lindsey Buckingham – “Into/This Is The Time” from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
  • Paul Simon – “You Can Call Me Al” from Graceland (1986)
  • Big Head Todd & The Monsters – “Circle” from Sister Sweetly (1993)
  • R.E.M. – “Radio Song” from Out Of Time (1991)

————–SHAUN RYDER SET——————–

  • Happy Mondays – “Loose Fit” from Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches (1990)
  • Black Grape – “Shake Well Before Opening” from It’s Great When You’re Straight, Yeah (1995)
  • Gorillaz – “Dare” from Demon Days (2005)


  • John Abercrombie, Jan Hammer, Jack DeJohnette – “Red And Orange” from Timeless (1975)
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra – “Birds Of Fire” from Birds Of Fire (1973)
  • D.F.A. – “Flying Trip” from 4th (2008)

—————SLIDE INTO A SIDE——————-

…Earth To The Dandy Warhols…” by The Dandy Warhols (Beat The World Records – 2008)

  • The Dandy Warhols – “And Then I Dreamt Of Yes” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)
  • The Dandy Warhols – “Talk Radio” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)
  • The Dandy Warhols – “Love Song” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)
  • The Dandy Warhols – “Now You Love Me” from …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… (2008)


  • Tower Of Power – “You Got To Funkafize” from Bump City (1972)
  • Parliament – “Up On The Downstroke” from Up On The Downstroke (1974)
  • Ohio Players – “Love Rollercoaster” from Honey (1975)
  • Infectious Grooves – “Violent And Funky” from Groove Family Cyco (1994)

—————ALTERNATIVE SET———————-

  • Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot” from Short Bus (1995)
  • Bush – “Everything Zen” from Sixteen Stone (1994)
  • Tripping Daisy – “Prick” from I Am An Elastic Firecracker (1995)
  • Toadies – “I Come From The Water” from Rubberneck (1994)


  • 1.  Missing Persons – “Mental Hopscotch” from Missing Persons (1980)
  • 2.  Men Without Hats – “Safety Dance” from Rhythm Of Youth (1982)
  • 3.  Roxy Music – “ReMake/ReModel” from Roxy Music (1972)
  • 4.  Journey – “Of A Lifetime” from Journey (1975)
  • 5.  Phil Collins – “In The Air Tonight” from Face Value (1981)
  • 6.  Kajagoogoo – “Too Shy” from White Feathers (1983)

—————A BOLD A.M. RADIO SET————–

  • EBN OZN – “AEIOU Sometimes Y” from Feeling Cavalier (1984)
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “If 6 Was 9” (1967)

—————CHILL-DOWN SET——————–

  • Kansas – “Down The Road” from Song For America (1975)
  • The Cruel Sea – “A Simple Goodbye” from Where There’s Smoke (2001)
  • Steve Hackett – “How Can I?” from Please Don’t Touch! (1978)
  • Joe Satriani – “Saying Goodbye” from Time Machine (1993)

Come take a ride with me on this week’s Prog-Watch and we’ll drive into a Brave New World! (Well every song will be about some world, anyway…the new world, half the world, the real world, a fantasy world, etc.) Soundtrack provided by Michael Penn, The Moody Blues, Big Big Train, Rush, Conspiracy, The Alan Parsons Project, The Strawbs, Kansas, The Electric Light Orchestra, Black Bonzo, David Bowie, Roger Daltrey, Red Bazar, Be Bop Deluxe, and The Anderson Ponty Band!

840: Brave New World


This week’s Prog-Watch is the first of an occasionally recurring series that will explore different sub-genres of progressive rock! This first installment looks at symphonic prog, and we’ll hear great music from Yes, Camel, Renaissance, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Anglagard, Echolyn, Kansas, Focus, and Genesis!

833: Explorations, Vol. 1


THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #426 (“Still Relevant?”)

Mike contemplates his current relevance, while featuring music from the past 47 years.
If that sounds boring… the stimulating music will more than make up for it!
  • The Samuel Jackson Five – “Britney Spears 4 President” from Same Same, But Different on Honest Abe (2004)
  • Good Thunder – “New Hundred” from yesyesyes on Independent (2012)
  • Plant My Bones – “The Scheme” from Stage 1.0 on Independent (2021)
  • Circle of Sighs – “A Crystal Crown of Cosmic Pain (extended version) from Narci on Metal Assault Records (2021)
  • Yuval Ron Trio – “Watching Over Shizutani-Kou Bay, Pt. 2” from Live Against The Virus on Independent (2021)
  • Aisles – “Disobedience” from Disobedience – Single on Independent (2021)
  • October Equus – “Una mirada furtiva en la noche saturnal” from Saturnal on AltrOck Productions (2011)
  • Kansas – “All The World” from Masque on Kirschner (1975)
  • Sonic Moon – “Usually I Don’t Care For Flowers” from  Usually I Don’t Care For Flowers on Independent (2019)
  • Kansas – “Magnum Opus” from Leftoverture on Kirschner (1976)
  • Splendidula – “When God Comes Down” from Somnus on (2021)
  • Kansas – “Bringing It Home” from Kansas on Kirschner (1974)

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This week’s Prog-Watch is a themed special called Home Sweet Home! With fabulous music by Peter Gabriel, Magenta, Blind Faith, Genesis, Jon & Vangelis, The Alan Parsons Project, Rod Argent & Colin Blunstone, Big Big Train, Boston, Paul & Linda McCartney, The Electric Light Orchestra, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Big Country, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Phil Collins!

828: Home Sweet Home


This week on Prog-Watch I have Part One of a two-part collaboration with The Progressive Aspect on some of the best albums of 2020! We’ll hear music from Blue Oyster Cult, Wobbler, Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, Elder, Three Colours Dark, Kansas, Pull Down The Sun, and Haken; and brief reviews by Mel Allen, Anthony Colvill, Shawn Dudley, Rob Fisher, Andrew Halley and Nick Hudson! (Part Two to follow one week hence.)

801: Prog-Watch & TPA Present Some of the Best of 2020, Pt. 1



Be on the lookout for a plethora of fabulous progressive rock music on this week’s Prog-Watch! We’ll hear from Days Between Stations, Kansas, Druid, Wobbler, Mesmerising, Vinyl Dial, Kepler Ten, Kaleidoreal, and Harmonium! As Yoda would say, “Miss it not!”

746: Variety


THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #389 (The Orange Referendum)

A show that reminds you to replace that rotting pumpkin from Halloween…

And a show that also reminds you to replace your rotting government…  

  • Cast – “Power and Outcome” from Power and Outcome on Progressive Promotion Records (2017)
  • Kansas – “Sparks of the Tempest” from Point of Know Return on Kirshner (1977)
  • King Crimson – “The Great Deceiver” from Starless and Bible Black (40th) on DMG (1974)
  • Lüger  – “Swastika Sweetheart” from Lüger on Giradiscos (2010)
  • No Man’s Valley – “Lies” from Outside the Dream on Tonzonen Records (2019)
  • Leah – “ Shores of Your Lies” from Otherworld EP on Ex Cathedra Records (2013)
  • Shineback – “Lies And Consequences” from Dial on Bad Elephant Music (2018)
  • Centric Jones – “Pyrrhic Victory” from The Antikythera Mechanism on ProgRock Records (2011)
  • Peter Matuchniak – “Victory” from Destiny on Melodic Revolution Records (2014)
  • Jellyfish – “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” from Spilt Milk on Charisma (1993)
  • Jellyfish – “Brighter Day” from Spilt Milk on Charisma (1993)
  • Soulsplitter – “The Transition” from Salutogenesis on Just For Kicks (2019)
  • Cult of Luna – “Approaching Transition” from Mariner on Indie Recordings (2016)
  • Mouth – “The Balance” from rhizome on BluNoise Records (2009)

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