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This week on Prog-Watch I’m pitching another straight-up variety program of very recently released stuff…in fact, everything we’ll be hearing this week has been released in 2021! We’ll hear from 3.2, Raven Sad, The Prog Collective, The Flying Caravan, Kostas Sampanis, Astral Bazaar, John Holden and Friends, Garden of Live Flowers, Lifesigns, Arc of Life, and Compile!

814: ALL NEW Variety


THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #410 (“Themeless… We Are Themeless…”)

The themeless streak (or drought, if you’re a ‘glass half empty type) continues…

Lots of great new music.  Another classic Golden Tracks album turning 50.

Surely, isn’t that enough?


  • The Doors – “The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)” from L.A. Woman on Rhino/Elektra (1971)
  • Open Hand – “The People’s Temple” from Weirdo on Blacktop Records (2021)
  • Jane Getter Premonition – “Kryptone” from Anomalia on Big Fun Records (2021)
  • The Buzzards of Fuzz – “Lonely in Space” from Lonely in Space – Single on Independent (2021)
  • Garden of Live Flowers – “Sunflowers” from Sticky, Sweet and Dirty on Independent (2021)
  • The Doors – “L’America” from L.A. Woman on Rhino/Elektra (1971)
  • Zero Times Everything – “Razorblade Keychain” from Sound of Music on Independent (2021)
  • Poly-Math – “Tear Down the Signs” from The Cadaver Tomb, Pt. 2 on Poly-Math (2021)
  • Bend The Future – “Merely” from Without Notice on Tonzonen (2021)
  • Open Hand – “Chances” from Weirdo on Blacktop Records (2021)
  • The Doors – “Riders on the Storm” from L.A. Woman on Rhino/Elektra (1971)
  • Kairon; IRSE! I “Sinister Waters I” from Ruination on Svart Records (2017)
  • Kairon; IRSE! I “Sinister Waters II” from Ruination on Svart Records (2017)

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