May 4, 2021

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #414 (“Your Prog Guide”) Feeling lost, musically? Why don’t you let Mr. ProgTracks show you the way? It’ll probably be OK… he thinks he knows where he’s going. PLAYLIST: Dust Mice – “Sky King” from Earth III on Independent (2021) Shem – “Night” from II on Independent (2021)” Caravan – “Winter […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #379 (A Dangerous Device… aka In a Bandcamp Mood)

September 1, 2020

Progressive Tracks Show #379 (A Dangerous Device… aka in a B andcamp Mood) Being home with a bit more time than usual can be fraught with danger.  As a radio presenter, one of those dangers is purchasing a LOT of music.  Of course, that’s not YOUR problem… yet. Listen at your own wallet’s peril. Just […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #316 (SeaProg 2019 Wrap-Up Show)

June 10, 2019

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #316   (SeaProg 2019 Festival Wrap-Up Show) By the time this podcast is posted, SeaProg 2019 will be another page in the history books… and I’ll be exhausted.  So this week I’m letting ALL the SeaProg 2019 artists do the show by themselves. There is (almost) all different music on this show, […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #314 (SeaProg Festival Preview #5

May 28, 2019

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #314       (SeaProg 2019 Festival Preview #5) This FIFTH week of SeaProg will feature the bands performing in the Front Room of the Columbia City Theater.  This is where the unexpected magic happens! The Seattle Festival of Avant and Progressive Rock (SeaProg) will hold its sixth event June 7th – […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #276 (2018 Psychedelic Autumn Equinox Festival)

September 4, 2018

The Progressive Tracks Show is teaming up with another local Seattle festival to bring you some excellent music from artists with which you may not familiar… yet. Oh, but you will be! The 2018 Psychedelic Autumn Equinox Festival is bringing together six exciting, forward-thinking bands for multiple experiential evenings. I’ll resist the urge to ask “are […]