PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #427 (“ProgTracks Le Deux Heure”)

August 10, 2021

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #427 (“ProgTracks Le Deux Heure”) A new chapter starts this week at The Progressive Tracks Show… a ‘primetime’ TWO hour show at Progzilla Radio! Some listeners will have questions about changes to the show:   – Will Mike change his format?   – Will he play different music?   – Will […]


July 21, 2020

Progressive Tracks Show #373 (Life Is Change) Progressive Rock, like life itself, is all about the changes. This week we’ll explore a variety of music that emphasizes this characteristic. Hanford Flyover – “Life is Change” from All We Have Is Now (EP) on Independent (2020) Kryptograf – “The Veil” from Kryptograf on Apollon Records (2020) […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #360 (The Lucky 7th Show)

April 21, 2020

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #360 (The Lucky 7th Show) This week we’ll celebrate the fact that Mike has made it to the 7-year mark without getting sacked! LOTS of great music… and MINIMAL meaningless chatter.  Oh, and there’s actually a theme… perhaps. PLAYLIST: Half Past Four – “Missing Sevenths” from A Rabbit in the Vestibule […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #279 (More Discoveries)

September 25, 2018

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #279 (More Discoveries) There’s so much music being released in the progressive rock world these days, that it’s difficult to keep up. But you don’t have to struggle… if you have someone doing the digging for you (yes, that would be me). So let’s explore this wide and wonderfully proggy musical […]