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Progressive Tracks Show #378 (International sTRANGE Music Day)

Yes, International sTRANGE Music Day is a thing…
and a great thing it is!  August 24th is a day to listen to unfamiliar
and/or bizarre music to broaden not only your musical horizons…but your horizons in general.

This is a day perfectly suited to The Progressive Tracks Show, so join the burgeoning mass of sTRANGE listeners.

  • Patrick Grant – “Keeping Still” from FIELDS AMAZE
    and other sTRANGE music
    on Peppergreen Media (2018)
  • Paco Higdon – “Weird Times (Live in Quarantine)” from Weird Times (Live in Quarantine – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Moloch – “Dinosauria (ft. Debora Longini
    and Emiliano Vernizzi)” from Il Vangelo di Moloch on Moloch (2018)
  • Mahogany Frog – “You’re Meshugeh!” from DO5 on Mafrogany Hog (2010)
  • Mahogany Frog – “I Am Not Your Sugar” from DO5 on Mafrogany Hog (2010)
  • Tempered Steel – “Lunacy Dance” from Tempered Steel on Nunatak (2012)
  • CHROMB! – “Le fleuve Brison (The Brison River)” from Le livre des merveilles (The Book of Wonders) on Dur et Doux (2020)
  • Trojan Horse – “The Shapes” from Fukushima Surfer Boys on Bad Elephant Music (2017)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Earth- Daiitoku-Myōō no ŌDAIKO 大威徳明王 鼓童 – L’Impact De Théia durant l’Éon Hadéen” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • David Byrne & Brian Eno – “I Feel My Stuff” from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today on TodoMundo (2008)
  • Stop Motion Orchestra – “Blue Fog” from Hydnora – EP on Independent (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part I – The Summoning (Nasatanada Zazas!)” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part II – The Rising” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part III – The Great Wars of Quaternary Era Against Ego” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)

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Audio Player

Join me for two hours of cool electronic and ambient music for an early autumn evening! Here’s what’s in store:

1. Klaus Schulze vs. Solar Moon – Let The Rain Come (from the album Contemporary Works 1, Disc 5 “Docking”, 2000)
2. Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement (2016 Mix) (from the album Eye Of The Soundscape, 2016)
3. Brian Eno – One-Two; and Two-Two (from the album Music For Airports, 1978)
4. Riverside – Night Session Part 1 & 2 (from the album Eye Of The Soundscape, 2016)
5. Ozric Tentacles – Plown; Will Of The Wisps; and Air City (from the album Paper Monkeys, 2011)
6. Karda Estra – The Pit And The Pendulum (from the album The Land Of Ghosts 3, 2012)
7. Pink Floyd – A Saucerful Of Secrets (from the album A Saucerful Of Secrets, 1968)

I hope you enjoy!

101 Dimensions – October 2017

If you missed last weekend’s 101 Dimensions, you can still listen HERE

Here’s what’s on tap:

1. Erik Norlander – The Dark Water (from the album The Galactic Collective, 2010)

2. Synergy – Legacy; Slaughter On Tenth Avenue, and Synergy (from the album Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra, 1975)

3. Ashra – Morgana Da Capo; Pas De Trois; and Phantasus (from the album Correlations, 1979)

4. David Arkenstone – Border Journey; Trail Of Tears; Chosen Voices; and Winds Of Change (from the album Return Of The Guardians, 1996)

5. Pinhas & Merzbow – Rhizome 1; and Rhizome 2 (from the album Rhizome, 2011)

6. Brian Eno – Lanzarote (from the album The Shutov Assembly, 2006)

I hope you enjoy!

Prog On!