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I hope you will join me on Prog-Watch this week when I will be exploring some of the vast Musical World of Robert Fripp! We’ll hear great music from King Crimson and his solo career, of course, and from some of his collaborations with Brian Eno, Andy Summers, and David Sylvian. Plus, a few of Robert’s interesting guest appearances!

915: The Musical World of Robert Fripp




Progressive Tracks Show #378 (International sTRANGE Music Day)

Yes, International sTRANGE Music Day is a thing…
and a great thing it is!  August 24th is a day to listen to unfamiliar
and/or bizarre music to broaden not only your musical horizons…but your horizons in general.

This is a day perfectly suited to The Progressive Tracks Show, so join the burgeoning mass of sTRANGE listeners.

  • Patrick Grant – “Keeping Still” from FIELDS AMAZE
    and other sTRANGE music
    on Peppergreen Media (2018)
  • Paco Higdon – “Weird Times (Live in Quarantine)” from Weird Times (Live in Quarantine – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Moloch – “Dinosauria (ft. Debora Longini
    and Emiliano Vernizzi)” from Il Vangelo di Moloch on Moloch (2018)
  • Mahogany Frog – “You’re Meshugeh!” from DO5 on Mafrogany Hog (2010)
  • Mahogany Frog – “I Am Not Your Sugar” from DO5 on Mafrogany Hog (2010)
  • Tempered Steel – “Lunacy Dance” from Tempered Steel on Nunatak (2012)
  • CHROMB! – “Le fleuve Brison (The Brison River)” from Le livre des merveilles (The Book of Wonders) on Dur et Doux (2020)
  • Trojan Horse – “The Shapes” from Fukushima Surfer Boys on Bad Elephant Music (2017)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Earth- Daiitoku-Myōō no ŌDAIKO 大威徳明王 鼓童 – L’Impact De Théia durant l’Éon Hadéen” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • David Byrne & Brian Eno – “I Feel My Stuff” from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today on TodoMundo (2008)
  • Stop Motion Orchestra – “Blue Fog” from Hydnora – EP on Independent (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part I – The Summoning (Nasatanada Zazas!)” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part II – The Rising” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part III – The Great Wars of Quaternary Era Against Ego” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)

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Join me for two hours of cool electronic and ambient music for an early autumn evening! Here’s what’s in store:

1. Klaus Schulze vs. Solar Moon – Let The Rain Come (from the album Contemporary Works 1, Disc 5 “Docking”, 2000)
2. Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement (2016 Mix) (from the album Eye Of The Soundscape, 2016)
3. Brian Eno – One-Two; and Two-Two (from the album Music For Airports, 1978)
4. Riverside – Night Session Part 1 & 2 (from the album Eye Of The Soundscape, 2016)
5. Ozric Tentacles – Plown; Will Of The Wisps; and Air City (from the album Paper Monkeys, 2011)
6. Karda Estra – The Pit And The Pendulum (from the album The Land Of Ghosts 3, 2012)
7. Pink Floyd – A Saucerful Of Secrets (from the album A Saucerful Of Secrets, 1968)

I hope you enjoy!

101 Dimensions – October 2017

If you missed last weekend’s 101 Dimensions, you can still listen HERE

Here’s what’s on tap:

1. Erik Norlander – The Dark Water (from the album The Galactic Collective, 2010)

2. Synergy – Legacy; Slaughter On Tenth Avenue, and Synergy (from the album Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra, 1975)

3. Ashra – Morgana Da Capo; Pas De Trois; and Phantasus (from the album Correlations, 1979)

4. David Arkenstone – Border Journey; Trail Of Tears; Chosen Voices; and Winds Of Change (from the album Return Of The Guardians, 1996)

5. Pinhas & Merzbow – Rhizome 1; and Rhizome 2 (from the album Rhizome, 2011)

6. Brian Eno – Lanzarote (from the album The Shutov Assembly, 2006)

I hope you enjoy!

Prog On!