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Nothing knocks a DJ off balance quicker than a hard drive crash.
But when a DJ has TWO crashes within two months… well he has to work really hard to not miss a show.
With a lot of work, a little luck, and the help of some great artists’ music I made a quick recovery just in time.
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – “A Time And A Place” from Tarkus on Razor & Tie (1971)
  • Light – “Let Go” from The Miracle of Life on Independent (2020)
  • Flutatious – “Through Space And Time” from Through Space And Time on Magick Eye Records Ltd. (2021)
  • The Mommyheads – “Out Of The Cave” from Age of Isolation on Mommyheads Music (2021)
  • Astasis – “Kings” from Astasis on Independent (2021)
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – “Bitches Crystal” from Tarkus on Razor & Tie (1971)
  • Khirki – “Deadpan” from Κτηνωδία (Brutality) on Khirki (2021)
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer – “Tarkus” from Tarkus on Razor & Tie (1971)
  • Vespero – “Lebedivo” from Sonĝo on Tonzonen Records (2021)
  • Adam Stone/Dead Sea Apes/Black Tempest – “Unconscious” from Skull Pilot EP on Misophonia Records (2021)
  • Khirki – “Medea” from Κτηνωδία (Brutality) on Khirki (2021)
  • Kanaan – “Bourdon” from Earthbound on Jansen Records (2021)
  • Deaf Proof – “The Awakening” from Brain Utopia on Olde Magick Records (2021)
  • Psychedelic Source Records Artists – “Return Of The Supersilent Man” from Sci-Fi Safari on Psychedelic Source Records (2021)

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