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Spock’s Beard – June

Neal Morse Band – Overture (live)

Thank You Scientist – Shatner’s Lament

Pattern-Seeking Animals – No Burden Left To Carry

Neal Morse Band – Author of Confusion (live)

Starcastle – To The Fire Wind

Whiteside’s Daughter – Death by Hibachi

Bent Knee – Catch Light

Metaphysical Animation – Empyreal Souls

Raze the Maze – A Riot Is A Storm

a Light Sleeper – Blankly Stated Spaces

Thank You Scientist – Swarm (8-Bit, excerpt)

Thank You Scientist – Chromolgy

Thank You Scientist – Birdwatching

Moon Letters – Sunset of Man 

Leah – Edge of Your Sword (excerpt)

Nathan Whitehead – The Broken Road (excerpt)

Northern Star 27th June 2019

Pride in Prog N Rock!

Theme Pallas – Northern Star

  1. Alan Reed – Begin Again
  2. The Enid – Leviticus
  3. The Velvet Underground – Ocean
  4. Kim Seviour – Connect
  5. David Bowie – Queen Bitch
  6. John Martyn – Over The Rainbow
  7. Angel Vivaldi – A Mercurian Summer
  8. Tom Robinson – Pub Hassle
  9. Shineback – Rise Up Forgotten, Return destroyed
  10. Transatlantic – Goodbye Yellow brick Road
  11. We Are Kin – Leave me be
  12. The Tangent – A sale of Two souls
  13. Fanny – Beside Myself
  14. Nad Sylvan – Whoa (Always Been Without You)
  15. Tool – Right In Two
  16. Tom Slatter – Name In file
  17. This winter machine – Carnivale
  18. The Room – It’s Not My Home
  19. Jobriath – Gone Tomorrow
  20. Coheed and Cambria – The black Rainbow
  21. Sleepmakeswaves – Midnight Sun
  22. Drifting Sun – Chase the rainbow
  23. IQ – Further Away
  24. Tom Robinson – Glad to be gay 79

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Tales From The Tiger Moth Edition 97

Broadcast 22nd June 2019

Ray Wilson – Congo
Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One)
Maybe – Corvette
My Tin Apple – The Queen Of Shadows
John Beagley – Put The Knife Down
Be Bop Deluxe – Crying To The Sky
Karfagen – Incantation (Part 1)
Karfagen – Incantation (Part 2)
Santana – Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
T – The End Of Always
Nik Kershaw – Radio-Musicola
Devin Townsend – Sprite
The Prophets Of Zarquon – Tunnels
Gabriele Baldocci – Love Of My Life
Jan Hammer – The Seventh Day
Big Big Train – Home Song
Max Bacon – The Little Red Hooding Ride
Ray Wilson – Calling All Stations

Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 295 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  • Van Der Graaf Generator – Theme One
  • Freedom To Glide – Holding On
  • Freedom To Glide – No Turning Back
  • Gravity Stone – Ascent
  • King Crimson – In The Wake Of Poseidon
  • Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill – This Is Where
  • Le Orme – Sospesi Nell’incredibile
  • Le Orme – Canzone D’amore
  • Le Orme – Ritorno Al Nulla
  • Thank You Scientist – Terraformer
  • Joni Mitchell – Hejira
  • Weather Report – A Remark You Made
  • Jaco Pastorius – Come On, Come Over
  • RPWL – What I Really Need
  • Chance – From Here To Infinity
  • Loonypark – Time Lines
  • Santana – Flor De Canela
  • Santana – Promise Of A Fisherman
  • Moonrise – Like An Arrow
  • Supersister – A Girl Named You
  • porcupine Tree – Burning Sky
  • The Physics House Band – Death Sequence III
  • The Tirith – The Nostalgia Sequence

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Edition 192 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Periphery – Have a Blast
Between the Buried and Me – Goodbye to Everything/Astral Body
Gojira – Flying Whales
Porcupine Tree – Futile
The Tea Party – Army Ants

Epic at 11: Orphaned Land – The Path (pts. 1 & 2)

Liquid Tension Experiment – Acid Rain
Tool – Vicarious

Album of the Week: The Mars Volta – The Bedlam in Goliath

Wax Simulacra

Pryapisme – La notion de chiralité de spin et d’oscillation de saveur des particules supersymétriques définissant un champs scalaire lors d’une transition de conifold en cosmologie branaire dans un modèle ekpyrotique

The PROG MILL LONG ONES SPECIAL (The 12th to be produced for Progzilla Radio- also edition 163 for Progzilla or 383 in total). Confusing eh! First broadcast om Sunday 23rd June, is now also available to stream anytime or download as a mp3 file. Just 5 epic tracks in 2 very proggy hours!

Here’s this week’s Playlist

1 35 Tapes – Mushrooms (Lost & Found)
2 The Far Meadow – Travelogue (Foreign Land)
3 Great Wide Nothing – The View from Olympus (Title track)
4 Brighteye Brison – The Magician Chronicles Pt ii (V)
5 The Emerald Dawn – The Child Within (Nocturne)

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Tuesdays 2300-0100UK (2200 UTC) – 1500 Pacific/1800 Eastern
Saturdays 6-8pm UK (1700 UTC) – Family friendly Saturday evening repeat

NEXT WEEK: It’s a Nigel’s Proggy Vaults Special. 2 hours of prog from the 60’s and 70’s. Before we return to normal in July.


 Broadcast 23rd June 2019

1.       Safety In Numbers Crack The Sky
2.       Much Better Reason Jon Anderson
3.       Killer Cut Charlie
4.       Lost In My Dream Spooky Tooth
5.       Peace Frog The Doors
6.       Blue Sunday The Doors
7.       Rain Is Falling Mother’s Finest
8.       Crash & Burn Pat Travers Band
9.       Rain Is Falling Electric Light Orchestra
10.   The Golden Mile The Babys
11.   Still Born Beauty Necromandus
12.   Emerald Thin Lizzy
6-PACK MEAL (It’s all about the food!) Heavy on the Dessert
13.   Life Is A Minestrone 10 CC
14.   Dixie Chicken Little Feat
15.   TV Dinners ZZ Top
16.   Bosenberry Jam Moby Grape
17.   Ice Cream Man Van Halen
18.   Savoy Truffle The Beatles
19.   Here To Go (Use Jeremy Parks Moksha ID) Moksha
20.   Chinatown Judy Tzuke
21.   Ziggy Stardust David Bowie
22.   Celluloid Heroes The Kinks
23.   Know Who Your Friends Are Jonesy
24.   Silly Boys Klaatu
25.   Pseudo Silk Kimono Marillion
26.   Kayleigh Marillion
27.   Lavender Marillion
28.   Bitter Suite Marillion
29.   Heart Of Lothian Marillion
30.   One Room Country Shack Al Kooper introduces Shuggie Otis
31.    Persecution & Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On The Road) Aztec Two-Step
32.   Dark Star Crosby Stills & Nash
33.   Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician The Byrds
34.   Tina Louise Commander Cody & His LPA
June 1969 50th Anniversary Albums
35.   All Shook Up Jeff Beck
36.   Stormy Monday Lee Michaels
37.   Pilgrim’s Progress Procol Harum
38.   Can’t beat The Kid John Hammond
39.   Shotgun Blues Blues Brothers
40.   The Lord Is Listenin’ To Ya, Hallelujah Carla Bley
41.   It’s Only A Paper Moon Dexter Gordon
42.   I Believe Chilliwack (Vancouver)
43.   I Go To Rio Pablo Cruse
44.   Piano Man Billy Joel
45.   Taxi Harry Chapin
46.   Night Owl Gerry Rafferty
47.   Phoenix Tim Fogelberg
48.   Listen To The Music Doobie Brothers


The Ancient One has great pleasure in announcing the birth of the podcast of Show No 111 “The Concept Show Volume 5” Hear music from Mike Oldfield, The Minstrel’s Ghost, Hibernal, Rick Wakeman and Karfagen. Large “chunks” of concept albums old and new.


1 The Nice – Brandenburger (excerpt used as the Intro from the 3cd boxset The Immediate Story)
2 Mike Oldfield – Songs Of Distant Earth Pts 1-9 (Songs From Distant Earth 1994)
3 The Minstrel’s Ghost – The Road To Avalon Pt 1 The Journey (The Road To Avalon 2013)
4 Hibernal – The Machine Pt 1-6 (The Machine 2013)
5 Rick Wakeman – The Myths And Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Pt 1-9 (2016)
6 Karfagen – Dragon Island Suite No 2 (Echoes of Dragon Island 2019)
7 The Nice – Brandenburger (excerpt used as the Outro from the 3cd boxset The Immediate Story)

101 Dimensions Curated by Emma

Broadcast 12th January 2019

  1. The Cosmic Jokers – Cosmic Joy
  2. Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – Air Structures (side 4)
  3. Ash Ra Tempel – Space
  4. Herbert Eimert & Robert Beyer – Forbidden Planet
  5. Brain Ticket – Magic Theatre
  6. Delia Derbyshire – Colour
  7. Holgar Czukay – Hollywood Symphony
  8. Johan Tronestram – The Star Arppegiator
  9. Tangerine Dream – Fly and collision of coma sofas

Connect the dots and connect with 101 Dimensions via any of the Curators Cliff Anthony or Emma, or

Every Saturday night from Midnight UTC + 1 (BST) till late all music no chat Electronic Ambient and Progressive

Repeated  as Ambient Afternoon on Friday 1:00 pm UTC + 1 (bst)

Northern Star 20th June 2019

Newest of The new June 2019!

Theme Pallas – Northern Star

  1. VOVK – Endless Waterfall
  2. Dury Dava –Zoupa
  3. This Winter Machine – When we were young
  4. Warmrain – I should be seeing stars by now
  5. The Gift – Changling
  6. Gandalf’s Fist – Leader of men
  7. Drifting Sun – Missing
  8. Dandelion Charm – Afraid of Silence
  9. Midnight Sun – Early Warning
  10. Jolly – Circuit heaven
  11. Tony Patterson & Doug Melbourne – Making it great again
  12. Van der Graaf Generator – Every Bloody Emperor
  13. Magic Pie – The man who had it all
  14. Intelligent Music project IV – No one falls behind
  15. Whitesides daughter – Death By Hibachi
  16. Wormwood – I BottenlÖS ÄVja
  17. Koburg – Karma’s a bitch
  18. Rob Cottingham – Phoenix
  19. Nothing Like You – fear the sun
  20. Karakorum – Phrygian Youth
  21. Fine soft day – Dance Of The Little Lights From Nowhere
  22. Mouth – Chase ’72
  23. Big Big Train – Voyager

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