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It looks like the Progzilla broadcast server may be down at the moment, as we are unable to reach it and cannot tune in. A fault has been logged with the hosting company (even though their site is also unreachable – perhaps the issue is more widespread).

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Server is back up and streaming. Apologies for the outage.


Edition 003 of Stacy Doller’s Prog Britannia is now available as a podcast.

01 Free – The Stealer (for Andy Fraser RIP)
02 Steve Hughes – Will We Ever Be Free
03 Lonely Robot – Oubiette
04 Parzivals Eye – Reach The Sky
05 District 97 – Mindscan (Parts I-X)

‘Six of the Best’ – Chosen by Paul Freemantle

Side A
06 Genesis – Dance On A Volcano
07 Camel – Song Within A Song
08 Queen – The Prophets Song

Side B
09 King Crimson – Easy Money
10 Greenslade – Catalan
11 Chris Squire – Hold Out Your Hand / You By My Side

12 Abstrakt – Teratorma
13 Karnataka – Borderline
14 Yes – Awaken (for Malcolm Birkett RIP)

Edition 4 of Emma Roebuck’s Northern Star is now available as a podcast.


  1. Credo – Staring At The Sun
  2. Galahad – Guardian Angel (Hybrid Mix)
  3. Pure Reason Revolution – Apogee II Requiem For Lovers
  4. Sherwood, Emerson & Ladd- Waiting For The Worms
  5. Jump – The Pressed Man
  6. Roger Waters – It’s A Miracle
  7. Muse – 2nd Law
  8. Rick Wakeman – The Room
  9. Comedy Of Errors – Disobey
  10. Manic Street Preachers – Repeat (Stars and Stripes)
  11. Tool – Prison Sex
  12. Tinyfish – Refugee/Big Red Spark
  13. The Tangent – Monsanto
  14. Abney Park – Aether Shanty
  15. Frank Zappa – Sy Borg
  16. Moody Blues – Never Comes The Day
  17. Mike Kershaw – Terracotta
  18. Horslips – Ride to hell
  19. Hatfield and the North – Gigantic Crabs
  20. Grobschnitt – Sahara
  21. Orgon Accumulator – Calvert and Mx effect
  22. It Bites – Vampires
  23. Karmakanic – Burning Rope

Edition 3 of Emma Roebuck’s Northern Star is now available as a podcast.


  1. Pallas – Northern Star
  2. Pubic Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space
  3. Ian Boddy/Marcus Reiter – Nospace
  4. Ozric Tentacles – Spirals In Hyperspace
  5. Hawkwind- Space Is Deep
  6. Yes – And You And I
  7. Cosmograf – The Man Left In Space
  8. Marillion – Space
  9. Alan Parsons Project – Total Eclipse
  10. Rush – Cygnus X1
  11. Tim Blake – Lighthouse In Space
  12. Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine
  13. Roger Waters – Eclipse
  14. Iron Maiden – Total Eclipse
  15. Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy
  16. Steve Hackett – Star Of Sirius
  17. Panic Room – Dark Star
  18. Mike Oldfield – JFK Speech

Edition 2 of Emma Roebuck’s Northern Star is now available as a podcast.


  1. Pallas – Northern Star
  2. Anglagard – Hostejd
  3. Tinyfish – The Sarcasm Never Stops
  4. Stranglers – European Female
  5. The Room – 16 Tonnes
  6. Van Der Graaf Generator – SciFinance
  7. Twelfth Night – We Are Sane
  8. Benji And The Astronauts – I Am Astronaut
  9. Steve Hackett – Spectral Mornings
  10. Spock’s Beard – Crack The Big Sky
  11. Yes – Awaken
  12. Pallas – Queen Of The Deep
  13. Steeleye Span – The Good Witch/We Shall Wear Midnight
  14. Porcupine Tree – Hatesong
  15. Supertramp – Fool’s Overture
  16. California Guitar Trio – Toccata And Fugue In D Minor

Edition 1 of Emma Roebuck’s Northern Star is now available as a podcast.


  1. Pallas – Northern Star
  2. Evanesence – My Immortal
  3. Magenta – Blind Faith
  4. Pink Floyd – Great Gig In The Sky
  5. Curved Air – Marie Antoinette
  6. Annie Haslam – Faeries Living At The Bottom Of The Garden
  7. Annie Haslam – Moonlight Shadow
  8. Blackmore’s Night – Temple Of The King
  9. Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work
  10. Kate Bush – How To Be Invisible
  11. Cloud Atlas – Let The Blood Flow
  12. IQ – Just Changing Hands
  13. Mostly Autumn – The Last Day
  14. IO Earth – Live Your Life
  15. Cailyn – Adagio
  16. Anathema – Lightning Song
  17. Touchstone – Spirit Of The Age
  18. Winter In Eden – The Awakening
  19. Vangelis – Spiral

From Esoteric Antenna records:

The Esoteric Antenna label is pleased to release and support the new EP in aid of the Parkinson’s Society UK, “SPECTRAL MORNINGS 2015”.


The project was the brainchild of ROB REED (of Magenta & Kompendium) who explains; “I’ve always loved the piece Spectral Mornings by Steve Hackett, (the classic instrumental from his 1979 album of the same name). It had a great guitar melody and thought it would be amazing to re-record with the addition of some lyrics. I contacted David Longdon from Big Big Train who I wanted to sing it. David wrote the lyrics and we did a demo, which sounded fantastic. I also had the idea of it being a duet, so we asked Christina Booth from my band Magenta to sing it. We then had to play the demo to Steve Hackett to make sure he liked it, which thankfully he did. He kindly agreed to play guitar on the track, which was wonderful. I really think we have been respectful to the original piece and hopefully brought something new to it as well”.

Rob adds; “We were also lucky to have one of the best rhythm sections to play on the song, namely Nick Beggs on bass (of Steven Wilson’s band) and Nick D’Virgilio on drums (from Spock’s Beard). As it was a one off project we really wanted the proceeds form the sales to go to a charity. Myself, Christina and Steve Hackett have all lost close family members to Parkinson’s disease, so we decided to donate all the proceeds from the sale to Parkinson’s Society UK, who are funding research into a cure for this terrible affliction.”

For more information and to pre-order: Click here.

Edition 002 of Stacy Doller’s Prog Britannia is now available as a podcast.

01 Arena – Bedlam Fayre
02 Karibow – The Cry
03 Toto – Great Expectations (for Steve Porcaro RIP)
04 Steeleye Span – The Wee Free Men (for Sir Terry Pratchett RIP)
05 Gong – The Pot Head Pixies (for Daevid Allen RIP)
06 Karnataka – Secrets of Angels

‘Six of the Best’ – Chosen by Urban Eriksson

Side A
07 Marillion – The Web (Live)
08 Twelfth Night – This City
09 Pallas – Heart Attack

Side B
10 Kansas – Apercu
11 Jethro Tull – The Pine Marten’s Jig
12 UK – Alaska / Time to Kill

13 A Formal Horse – Morning Jigsaw

The Dark Side of the Moon
14 Neal Morse – Breathe
15 Alan White & Larry Fast – On The Run
16 Shadow Gallery – Time
17 Flaming Lips – The Great Gig in the Sky
18 The Pineapple Thief – Money
19 John Wetton & Tony Kaye – Us and Them
20 Matt Berry – Any Colour You Like
21 Dream Theater – Brain Damage
22 Dream Theater – Eclipse

23 Anathema – Ariel