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Edition 001 of Stacy Doller’s Prog Britannia is now available as a podcast.

01 Hasse Fröberg and the Musical Companion – Someone Else’s Fault
02 A Formal Horse – The King
03 Twombley Burwash – Cabaret Night
04 Jadis – The Beginning and the End
05 David Gilmour – Smile
06 Karibow – 9/16
07 IQ – Leap of Faith / Came Down

‘Six of the Best’ – Chosen by Martin Winterstein-Smith

Side A
08 Led Zeppelin – Black Dog
09 Genesis – Fountain of Salmacis
10 Pink Floyd – The Great Gig in the Sky

Side B

11 Rush – YYZ (Live)
12 Steve Hackett – Clocks / Angel of Mons
13 Marillion – Garden Party

14 PyT – Mon Lontain Amour
15 Tiger Moth Tales – More Fool Me (Cover Version)
16 The Reasoning – Aching Hunger
17 Touchstone – The Mad Hatters Song
18 Lee Abraham – Pictures in the Hall
19 Nice Beaver – Rainbows End
20 John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest – Hymn 2013
21 Alan Reed & Kim Seviour – Love Song 2014


I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 88 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition, we heard the following music:

  1. Unitopia – One Day
  2. Karmakanic – Where The Earth Meets The Sky
  3. Argent – The Coming Of Kohoutek
  4. King Crimson – Pictures Of A City
  5. Duncan Mackay – Morpheus
  6. Unto Us – Plan B
  7. Chris – Fantasy
  8. Sylvan – In Between
  9. Steve Wilson – Routine
  10. Karibow – 9/16
  11. Ciccada – Eternal
  12. Fish On Friday – Godspeed
  13. Paatos – Quits
  14. Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky
  15. Daniel Balavoine – SOS D’un Terrien En Détresse

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We have been informed by our hosting company, Hippynet, that there will be a short interruption to our service tomorrow morning, for approximately 30 minutes, sometime between 09:00 and 12:00 GMT.  We apologise if this spoils your enjoyment.

I’m pleased to announce that the first of Peter Jones’ ‘Tales From The Tiger Moth’ shows is now available as a podcast!


  1. Frost – Hyperventilate
  2. Steve Hackett – Narnia
  3. Ciccada – A Child In The Mirror
  4. Chris De Burgh – Revolution, Light a Fire and Liberty
  5. Steven Wilson – The Holy Drinker
  6. Grand Tour – The Grand Tour Pt 1
  7. Kansas – Questions of My Childhood
  8. Kompendium – Beneath The Waves
  9. Kevin Gilbert – From Here to There
  10. Kant Freud Kafka – Viajes
  11. Touchstone – Spirit Of The Age
  12. A Formal Horse – The King
  13. Peter Jones – More Fool Me
  14. Mike Rutherford – Out In To The Daylight
  15. Steve Lukather – Party in Simon’s Pants
  16. Genesis – I Know What I Like

(Picture courtesy of Kate Thorneberry – thanks)

Progzilla is proud to announce that they will be broadcasting a special tribute show to Daevid Allen of Gong, who sadly passed away earlier today.

(Picture courtesy of Studio M – thanks)

The presenters will be choosing their favourite tracks by Gong and Daevid and introducing them from 17:00 GMT on Sunday 15th March.

Please join us to pay tribute and wish a bon voyage to this singular individual, who helped shape psychedelic rock with his own special brand of humour and mythology.


I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 87 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition, we heard music by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Red Jasper, Curved Air, Solution, Ambrosia, Kestrel, Spock’s Beard, Egg, Steve Hackett, Gong, Touchstone, The Reasoning, Pain Of Salvation, Karnataka, Theo, Aisles, Black Bonzo, Easy Star All-Stars & Kevin Gilbert.

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  1. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Starbird
  2. Red Jasper – The Great And Secret Show
  3. Curved Air – Colder Than A Rose In Snow
  4. Solution – Chappaqua
  5. Ambrosia – Make Us All Aware
  6. Kestrel – The Acrobat
  7. Spock’s Beard – Southside of the Sky
  8. Egg – A Visit To Newport Hospital
  9. Steve Hackett – Clocks – The Angel Of Mons
  10. Gong – Master Builder
  11. Touchstone – Prelude
  12. Touchstone – Wintercoast
  13. The Reasoning – Hyperdrive
  14. Pain Of Salvation – Dryad Of The Woods
  15. Karnataka – State of Grace
  16. Theo – The Game Of Ouroboros
  17. Aisles – 4:45 Am
  18. Black Bonzo – Sound Of The Apocalypse
  19. Easy Star All-Stars – Time
  20. Kevin Gilbert – Shadow Self (Bill’s Board Mix)

And fun was had by all! Thanks for tuning in, folks! B->

Our new server is now online and streaming!

Progzilla is proud to be associated with Hippynet as our new hosting partner.


Please excuse the dust and we hope that this move enhances your enjoyment of the station.

PS: Please note that it will take TuneIn a couple of days to update the stream, so our apologies if you can’t hear us on your device.

Due to the recent server issues the station (and our lovely listeners) have suffered, we have decided to move to another hosting company. I plan/hope to make that change around 08:00 tomorrow morning, so as to affect as few of you as possible.

The Listen Live page will be updated accordingly and will display the full URL of the new stream, so you can update other devices. I will also update the TuneIn address, so that should just work.

We will temporarily lose the Recently Played Tracks list and the listener map from the Listen Live page, but we hope to restore these soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re trying to bring you the best station we possibly can – thank you for your understanding! B->