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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #426 (“Still Relevant?”)

Mike contemplates his current relevance, while featuring music from the past 47 years.
If that sounds boring… the stimulating music will more than make up for it!
  • The Samuel Jackson Five – “Britney Spears 4 President” from Same Same, But Different on Honest Abe (2004)
  • Good Thunder – “New Hundred” from yesyesyes on Independent (2012)
  • Plant My Bones – “The Scheme” from Stage 1.0 on Independent (2021)
  • Circle of Sighs – “A Crystal Crown of Cosmic Pain (extended version) from Narci on Metal Assault Records (2021)
  • Yuval Ron Trio – “Watching Over Shizutani-Kou Bay, Pt. 2” from Live Against The Virus on Independent (2021)
  • Aisles – “Disobedience” from Disobedience – Single on Independent (2021)
  • October Equus – “Una mirada furtiva en la noche saturnal” from Saturnal on AltrOck Productions (2011)
  • Kansas – “All The World” from Masque on Kirschner (1975)
  • Sonic Moon – “Usually I Don’t Care For Flowers” from  Usually I Don’t Care For Flowers on Independent (2019)
  • Kansas – “Magnum Opus” from Leftoverture on Kirschner (1976)
  • Splendidula – “When God Comes Down” from Somnus on (2021)
  • Kansas – “Bringing It Home” from Kansas on Kirschner (1974)

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