PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #553 (“Simulated Reality?”)

January 30, 2024

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #553 (“Simulated Reality?”) Oh no, Mike is thinking again… this time about our world and just how ‘real’ reality really is.  Really? Sigh.  Good thing there’s some cool music (new and classic) to accompany his thoughts… PLAYLIST Nemo – “Les temps modernes” from Prélude à la ruine on Quadrifonic Records (2004) […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #430 (“The Musical Undercurrent”)

August 31, 2021

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #430 (“The Musical Undercurrent”) For some of us music is not only a big part of life… it IS life. There’s always more going on beneath the music on this show than you know (or that I know, for that matter). This is another week where you might glean some special […]