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(The Chromatic Blender)

New Music…Not-So-New Music…but ALL eclectic music.  And you know when Mike says eclectic, he means it!

So why listen to the same ol’ stuff, when you can listen to The Progressive Tracks Show and clear your head?


  • Mats-Morgan Band – “Thanks For Flying With Us” from Thanks For Flying With Us on Cuneiform (2005)
  • Tripod – “Conversation Drag” from Tripod on MoonJune Records (2003)
  • Bent Knee – “Bone Rage” from You Know What They Mean on InsideOutMusic (2019)
  • NeBeLNeST – “Redrum” from Nova Express on Cuneiform (2002)
  • Jack O’ The Clock – “The Pilot” from Witness on Geomancy (2019)
  • Thinking Plague – “This Weird Wind” from In Extremis on Cuneiform (1998)
  • Bent Knee – “Garbage Shark” from You Know What They Mean on InsideOutMusic (2019)
  • Cabezas de Cera – “Pretexto a un Texto Fragmentado from Cabezas de Cera on Fonarte Latino, SA de CV (2000)
  • Unit Wail – “Dédale” from égarés on Mutant (2019)
  • Bent Knee – “lovemenot” from You Know What They Mean on InsideOutMusic (2019)
  • Jack O’ The Clock – “Salt Moon” from Witness on Geomancy (2019)
  • Jack O’ The Clock – “Slow March-Schlitzie, Last of the Aztecs, Lodges An Objection in the Order of Things” from Witness on Geomancy (2019)
  • Unit Wail – “Le monde d’en dessous” from égarés on Mutant (2019)
  • October Equus – “¡Abre los ojos!” from Saturnal on AltrOck  (2011)

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