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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #392 (The Current Lysergic)

There’s so much new psychedelic stuff out there, that it warrants another whole show.

I’m not sayin’ that’s a bad thing…

  • The Grand Astoria – “Us Against The World” from From The Great Beyond – EP on [addicted label] (2020)
  • Brown Spirits – “Parallels” from Vol 2 on Lysergic Library (2020)
  • Frozen Planet….1969 – “Rollback (Green Version) from Hydroculture on Pepper Shaker Records (2020)
  • Kamni – “Mandala 419” from Mandala on [addicted label] (2020)
  • Turtle Skull – “Leaves” from Monoliths on Art As Catharsis (2020)
  • Ozric Tentacles – “Humboldt Currant” from Space For The  Earth on Kscope (2020)
  • Iglesia Atomica – “Isla Rebelde” from La Guerra del Fin del Mundo on Clostridium Records (2020)
  • Perhaps – “Master Destroyer I & II” from Third on Independent (2015)
  • Lemurian Folk Songs – “Firelake” from Logos on Psychedelic Source Records (2020)
  • Los Acidos – “Empatía de Cristal” from Los Acidos on Necio Records (2020)

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