July 11, 2023

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #525 (“Randomized”) Mike is moving… and the studio is a mess. So why not just pick music off the floor and play it? Uh… OK, he’s the DJ, I guess. PLAYLIST: Neon Rain – “Der Golem” from Neon Rain on Independent (2017) (Not available for purchase) [01:26] Emerson, Lake & Palmer […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #429 (“International sTRANGE music Day 2021”)

August 24, 2021

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #429 (“International sTRANGE music Day 2021”) It’s time once again to celebrate International sTRANGE music Day! Is there another day more suited to The Progressive Tracks Show?  Mike doubts it! Come listen to music you wouldn’t otherwise hear. PLAYLIST: Johnny Unicorn – “Dream Breaker” from Heavy Jugs To The Moon on […]


March 24, 2020

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #356 (The Apology Show) Mistakes are seldom…er, often made during the making of this show. Bands are also played at a later date than (I think) they should be. For both of these shortcomings, I apologize. But wrongs can be ‘righted’. Let’s try to do that. PLAYLIST: Ghost Toast – “Before […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #291 (It’s ProgMas 2018!)

December 18, 2018

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #291  (It’s ProgMas 2018!) This week, tune in to the seasonal fringe… the time-honored tradition of ProgMas! It’s not Christmas…it’s… um, way more edgy. Remember, you can access podcasts of any previous Progressive Tracks Show at: (there are 129 now!). PLAYLIST: Jack O’ the Clock – “Whiteout” from Repetitions of the Old City I on Jack […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #238 (Post-Thanksgiving Requests)

December 5, 2017

The Progressive Tracks Show #238 (Post-Thanksgiving Requests), originally broadcast on Friday, December 1, 2017, is now available to download or listen to anytime you desire. Find out what ‘Post-Thanksgiving’ music is… Find out what song NOBODY will request… Find out what the ‘stumper’ track of the week is… Find out how ‘epic’ a single request […]