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THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #431 (“The Fruits Of Our Labor”)

It’s another unusual Labor Day weekend in the United States.
Somehow this week’s music just fits…



  • Rush – “Working Man” from Rush on Anthem Records (1974)
  • Lucid Lynx – “Traces” from Traces – Single on Independent (2020)
  • RIP KC – “It Was Fun Until The Crash” from Spinguölf on Spinda Records (2020)
  • GorMusik – “The Deception” from Snakes & Angels on MRR (2021)
  • Ángel Ontalva – “Roads to Sunrise Cities” from Angel On A Tower on OctoberXart (2021)
  • Earthside – “All We Knew And Ever Loved” from All We Knew And Ever Loved – Single on Music Theories Recordings (2021)
  • Glasgow Coma Scale – “Syntagma” from Apophenia EP on Glasgow Coma Scale (2014)
  • Ars de Er – “Light In The Window” from Other Side on Independent (2021)
  • Brendan Byrnes – “Semantics” from Realism on Independent (2020)
  • BANTAMWEIGHT – “The Weight” from Sounds + Haptics on Independent (2021)
  • Asaf Sirkis – “Aquila” from Solar Flash on MoonJune Records (2021)
  • Ángel Ontalva – “Doppelganger” from Angel On A Tower on OctoberXart (2021)
  • Zero Times Everything – “Die Nacht Ist Leben” from Sound of Music on Independent (2021)
  • Moon Machine – “Post-Upgrade I – Discovery” on Moon Machine on Independent (2021)
  • Moon Machine – “Post-Upgrade II – Grief” on Moon Machine on Independent (2021)
  • Moon Machine – “Post-Upgrade III – Requiem” on Moon Machine on Independent (2021)

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