May 9, 2023

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #516 (“Mealtime”) ​Listening to music can be a lot like dining:  You can either do it quickly/superficially… or with an intent to savor. Listening to Progressive Rock is like fine dining… there’s so much to explore with the senses. So pull up a chair and prepare to savor the sounds.  Mike has a place reserved for […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #448 (“Traveling Inside Your Brain”)

January 4, 2022

  THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #448 (“Traveling Inside Your Brain”) This week I reveal what I’ve REALLY been doing all these years with The Progressive Tracks Show. I hope you don’t mind… PLAYLIST: Atavismo – “Psicopatías del 2021” from Psicopatías del 2021 – Single on Spinda Records (2021) Hypnotic Floor – “Toxo” from Odd Conjectures […]