July 11, 2023

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #525 (“Randomized”) Mike is moving… and the studio is a mess. So why not just pick music off the floor and play it? Uh… OK, he’s the DJ, I guess. PLAYLIST: Neon Rain – “Der Golem” from Neon Rain on Independent (2017) (Not available for purchase) [01:26] Emerson, Lake & Palmer […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #317 (Gettin’ Back To ‘Normal’)

June 18, 2019

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #317 (Gettin’ Back To “Normal”) After 7 weeks of SeaProg coverage, there is a backlog… A BACKLOG of great music that needs playin’. And so that’s just what we’ll do. We’ll also get back to our Golden Tracks feature with a classic album that’s turning 50. Yep, we’re gettin’ back to […]