Genesis – Dance On A Volcano

Greenslade – Sundance

Van Der Graaf Generator – Lost : Part One – The Dance In Sand And Sea

                                       Part Two – The Dance In Frost

Jeff Beck – Come Dancing

Niacin – Majestic Dance

Led Zeppelin – Dancing Days

TROOT – Dance Elena

French TV – Nimrod Dancer

Flat122 – Neo Classic Dance

Lunatic Soul – Summoning Dance

Moon Safari – Dance Across The Ocean

Nick Magnus – Dancing On The Waters

Tim Bowness – Dancing For You

Trettioariga Kriget – The Dance

Pat Metheny Group – Phase Dance

Dimension – Soul Dance

Gravity Machine – Time Cut Short The Dance


Genesis – ABACAB

Cardiacs – Is This The Life ?

IQ – Subterranea/Sleepless Incidental

The Flower Kings – Rumble Fish Twist

The Flower Kings – Blade Of Cain

The Emerald Dawn – Waves

Huw & Tony Williams-  I Can Jump Puddles

Spyro Gyra – Morning Dance

Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Mezzoforte – Garden Party

The Alan Parsons Project – If I Could Change Your Mind

Mark Rowen – Carousel

I, Claudia – The Side Of The Angels

Focus – Sylvia

Steve Hackett – Spectral Mornings

Camel – Ice

John Williams – Cavatina


(Intro music : Chris Stark – Surfing The Jetstream)

The Motors – Dancing The Night Away

REO Speedwagon – Back On The Road Again

Rush – Cygnus X-I Book II

Big Big Train – A Giddy Thing

XTC – The Wheel And The Maypole

Bill Grogan’s Goat – The Blacksmith

Discus – Verso Kartini, Door Duisternis Tot Licht!

Mongol – From The Beyond – Doppler 444

Yes – Wonderous Stories

Pink Floyd – Sheep

Genesis – Entangled

Jean-Luc Ponty – Mirage

Gudrid Hansdottir – A Faroese Fisherman Speaks Of Drowning

Karen Matheson – Mi Le U’ilinn

Sebastian Hardie –  Art Of Life