American Prog


Hello and welcome to the Roncast of the AmericanPrög Show, December 2021. We were joined by tons of fine artistes, as follows:


Progmas 2011- The 12 Days of Christmas, Progressive Rock Style

Chicago – (Because) It’s Christmastime

Boston – God Rest Ye Metal Gentlemen 2013

Bend Sinister – If Christmas Comes This Year

Dweezil Zappa – Wonderful Christmastime

Rachel Flowers – Take Me Away

Cheer-Accident – Elbow Deep In Turkey

Cock Robin – Peace on Earth

The Reign of Kindo – Colder than December 

Discipline – Crutches (2021 Terry Brown remix)

Atomic Opera – Winterland

Salem Hill – Stormclouds in Wonderland

Stone Fury – Burns Like A Star

Blue Öyster Cult – The Great Sun Jester (live, 1980)

Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas in the Air

Aerosmith – Toys in the Attic (live) (excerpt)



A Show sans Mike this month, that sees Brian joined by the following very fine artistes:

Umphrey’s McGee – Tango Mike

Jordan Rudess – Dance on a Volcano

Gerard Smith – Standing Stones

Dream Theater – Invisible Monster

Wippy Bonstack – Mystery Knot

Wippy Bonstack – Intense Personality Suite

Shellac-Attack: ‘Fire of Unknown Origin’, Side A, by Blue Öyster Cult

 – Fire of Unknown Origin

 – Burnin’ For You

 – Veteran of the Psychic Wars

 – Sole Survivors

 – Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver

Sun Colored Chair – Honest Antenna

Wyxz – The Long Wrung

Tiles / Colin Edwin – Small Fire Burning

Big Wreck – The Arborist

Jason Falkner – Miracle Medicine

Chronolord – Once It’s Gone



Many years ago, six and a bit in fact, ‘whispering’ Brian Watson used to record the AmericanPrög Show live, on his own, in his front room with a USB microphone and a computer. And sometimes a cat. Recorded live, but broadcast monthly that is. Every knob movement, fade, miaow, and segue is as was but here at Dead Bob productions we’ve been able to remix, remaster, and rejazzle the audio for today’s content reception platforms. In July 2015 he celebrated the release of echolyn’s ‘I Heard You listening’ album with an echolyn spectacular.

But not only is there a whole host of echolyn tunes, we also play District 97, Low-fi resistance, 3RDegree, Kinetic Element, and Consider the Source. But it’s mainly echolyn. Hence the title. So enjoy.


Tanith – Cassini’s Deadly Plunge

Presto Ballet – Watching the Radio 

Pattern-Seeking Animals – Elegant Vampires

Magellan – Cranium Reef Suite

Van Halen – Eruption

Days Between Stations – The Gathering/The Common Thread

Neal Morse Band – Not Afraid Pt.1 + Pt.2

Spock’s Beard – Have We All Gone Crazy Yet

Shadow Gallery – Ghostship: Pts. i) to vi)



Neal Morse Band – Do It All Again

Dream Theater – The Alien

Weather Report – NYC Medley

Bubblemath – Routine Maintenance


Days Between Stations – Spark of Life


Glass Hammer – 1980 Something

Dee Gees – Tragedy

Queensrÿche – Surgical Strike

The Osmonds – Crazy Horses

Minutemen – The Red and the Black 

Echo Us – We Seek the Descending Levers (excerpt)

Alice Cooper – Shut Up and Rock

Earthside – All We Knew and Ever Loved

Spacebag – Bagnus X-1

Lorne Balfe – Bad Boys for Life (excerpt)

Iron Maiden – The Writing On The Wall

Cheeto’s Magazine – Ready To Rumble

Boxset Bingo: ‘Every Move You Make’ by The Police

 – Message In A Bottle

 – So Lonely

 – Synchronicity 2

 – Truth Hits Everybody (Remix)

Paco Higdon – This Is The Best Part

Combination Head – Clover Road ABC and DEF

Ian Anderson – Black and White Television

Slide Into A Side: ’Seconds Out’ by Genesis, Side 4

 – The Cinema Show

 – Dance on a Volcano

 – Los Endos

Altamira Lux – Time’s Fool/Yet We Sleep 

Frank Wyatt & Friends – Zeitgeist

Deacon Blue – Raintown

Headboys – The Shape of Things To Come

Frost* – Pocket Sun / Saline (a mini-SIAS)

FreddeGredde – The Autotelic Self

Jim Griffin – Thought Experiment

Gerard Smith – Standing Stones

Mike’s Six-Pack

 – BBT – Common Ground

 – XTC – Greenman

 – Justin Hayward – Forever Autumn (album version)

 – Peter Gabriel – Steam

 – Spinal Tap – Stonehenge

 – Uriah Heep – Salisbury

The Hot-Tub Chill-Down

 – ‘Tyranny and Mutation’ by Blue Öyster Cult, Side 2

 – Baby Ice Dog

 – Wings Wetted Down

 – Teen Archer

 – Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)



Join us, won’t you, with a good scotch and a nice cigar, for the latest remote AmericanPrög Show in podcast form?

We’ve been overwhelmed by the wonderfulness of the pop groups who have helped us this month, some of whom have kissed Mike on the mouth:

Montrose – Space Station #5

Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band

Chicago Transit Authority – Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Redbone – One Monkey

Bastion Per – Epic Journey (live)

Cast – Ortni

Melvins – Star Spangled Banner

Kansas – Song For America (live)

Electro Compulsive Therapy – Colors Fade Away

Queensrÿche – Scarborough Fair

Megadeth – Anarchy in the U.K

Randy Newman – Jolly Coppers On Parade

Flying Colours – Cosmic Symphony

The Dead Milkmen – Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes and How

Dennis DeYoung – Grand Finale

Styx – The Best of Times



If there’s a trilogy of albums that any self-respecting rock fan should own then it’s the first three records by Days Between Stations.



We chatted with Oscar and Sepand recently, and played some tunes. Their new album, Giants, is out now, and is phenomenally good. So go get it. Or Graham’s owl will bite your nose off.


The Tubes – Monkey Time feat. Martha Davis

Touch – Swansong

Boston – Foreplay/Long Time (live)


Kansas – The Prelude Implicit Side 2 

– Refugee

– The Voyage of Eight Eighteen

– Camouflage


Crown Lands – Context: Fearless Pt.1

Bill Grogan’s Goat – The Burning of Cork

Dave Dawson – A Freek aah

Utopia – Singring and the Glass Guitar

Pixies – Where Is My Mind?