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1 Can – I Want More (excerpt from Can Singles)
2 Can – Yoo Do Right (Monster Movie 1969)
3 Can – Tango Whiskeyman (Soundtracks 1970)
4 Can – Mother Sky (Soundtracks 1970)
5 Can – She Brings The Rain (Soundtracks 1970)
6 Can – Paperhouse (Tago Mago 1971)
7 Can – Mushroom (Tago Mago 1971)
8 Can – Oh Yeah (Tago Mago 1971)
9 Can – Halleluwah (Tago Mago 1971)
10 Can – Vitamin C (Ege Bamyasi 1972)
11 Can – I’m So Green (Ege Bamyasi 1972)
12 Can – Spoon (Ege Bamyasi 1972)
13 Can – Future Days (Future Days 1973)
14 Can – Moonshake (Future Days 1973)
15 Can – Dizzy Dizzy (Soon Over Babaluma 1974)
16 Can – Come Sta La Luna (Soon Over Babaluma 1974)
17 Can – Half Past One (Landed 1975)
18 Can – Hunters And Collectors (Landed 1975)
19 Can – Red Hot Indians (Landed 1975)
20 Can – Cascade Waltz (Flow Motion 1976)
21 Can – Laugh Till You Cry, Live Till You Die (Flow Motion 1976)
22 Can – Babylonian Pearl (Flow Motion 1976)
23 Can – Don’t Say No (Saw Delight 1977)
24 Can – Serpentine (Out Of Reach 1978)
25 Can – Seven Days Awake (Out Of Reach 1978)
26 Can – I Want More (excerpt from Can Singles)

Steve Hackett – Darktown
The Enid – Love – Death…the Immolation of Fand
David Byrne – Horses
Judas Priest – Better By You, Better Than Me
Tiger Moth Tales – Kai’s Journey
Karfegen – Curious Talk
Beatles – Helter Skelter
Billie Holiday – Gloomy Sunday
Halestorm- Mz. Hyde
Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Jeff Wayne – The Red Weed, Pt. 1
Chris De Burgh – Spanish Train
Ashley Buxton and Pete Jones – On The Beach
Rachmaninov – Prelude in C sharp minor
Ghost Community – Ghost Community
Jim Morrison – Dawns Highway
It Bites – Ghosts
Karfagen – Volcano Rabbit & the Frog
Genesis – The Waiting Room
Frost – The Other Me (Live)

Tales From The Tiger Moth Edition 80

Rick Wakeman – Anne of Cleves
Kaipa – Ankaret
Tiger Moth Tales – Match Girl
Shineback – The Gentlemen
Rod Stewart – The Killing of Georgie (Part I and II)
Pink Floyd – Summer 68
Michael Bentine – Freedom Of The Airwaves
Iamthemorning – Clear Clearer
Rainburn – Suicide Note
Haken – Because It’s There
Gerald Finzi – 5 Bagatelles for clarinet and piano Op 23 – 4 Forlana – Allegretto grazioso
Kant Freud Kafka – Antítesis
Kenneth Williams – Pardon Me, Sir Francis
Queen – Princes Of The Universe
Tiger Moth Tales – The Palace
Genesis – Domino (Live)

Edition 129 of THE PROG MILL first heard on Progzilla Radio Sunday 28th October 2018, is now also ready for you to listen to anytime or even download as a mp3 file.

This week’s is a particularly melodic edition, perfect for late night listening or just as a relaxing background.

This Week’s Playlist

The playlist for last night’s PROG MILL – edition 129 for Progzilla Radio and 349 in total was:

1 Blurred Turtle – Riding The Crests (Blurred Turtle)
2 Progatom – Apent Hav (Spiral)
3 The D Project – Be Free (Find Your Sun)
4 Mark Rowen – Lure of the Siren (Radiance)
5 Overworld Dreams – Voyage to Castilla (Voyage)
6 Dark Beauty – Spirits of a Dead Earth (Single)
7 Tiger Moth Tales – Eternity (Story Tellers Part 2)
8 Tim Morse – Wake Up (Tim Morse III)
9 Half Past Four – Strangest Dream (Rabbit in the Vestibule)
10 Celeste – Principe di un Giorno (Celeste)
11 Luna Rossa – Secrets and Lies (Secrets and Lies)
12 Outstation – On The Precipice You Cant Redeem (Entropy on the Edge of Chaos)
13 Paul Gunn – Black is the colour of my true love’s hair (A Beekeepers Garden)
14 Genesis – The Cinema Show (Selling England by the Pound)
15 Zeelley Moon – Tricks and Tragedy (Zeelley Moon)

You can hear THE PROG MILL on Progzilla Radio every week at these times:

Sundays 10pm – Midnight UK (2100UTC) – MAIN BROADCAST
Tuesdays 3-5am UK (0200UTC) – for North America (Mon 7pm Pacific and 10pm Eastern)
Tuesdays 11pm-1am UK (2200 UTC)
Saturdays 6-8pm UK (1700UTC) an nice easy time to listen during Saturday teatime

Back next Sunday from 10pm UK with another brand new Prog Mill including yet ANOTHER CD Giveaway!

(Photo courtesy of Adrian Oakes Photography)

Northern Star 25th October 2018.

Mike Kershaw Arms Wide Very Open

Northern Star – Theme

  1. Tiger Moth Tales – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  2. Chasing The dark – WeR1
  3. The Tangent – A case of Misplaced Optimism
  4. Mike Kershaw – Curtains
  5. Mike Kershaw – An Ordinary Poison
  6. Genesis – Dukes Travels/Dukes End
  7. Mike Kershaw – A Kind of Hell
  8. Mike Kershaw- The City of My dreams
  9. Mike Kershaw – Keys to the Kingdom
  10. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – Fear factory
  11. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – Facing the Fear
  12. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – All that matters is the fear
  13. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – The Fear inside me
  14. Relocate to Heathrow – Often lost, Never Forgotten


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Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 261 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  1. Evership – Monomyth
  2. Gösta Berlings Saga – Fundament
  3. Huminoita – Marsvolga
  4. Kingcrow – Folding Paper Dreams
  5. Kingcrow – Devil’s Got A Picture
  6. Martin Barre – And The Band Played On
  7. Xavi Reija Feat. Tony Levin, Markus Reuter & Dusan Jevtovic – Deep Ocean
  8. Noa – Unimog
  9. Saul Blease – War Machine
  10. Wobbler – Fermented Hours
  11. The Mute Gods – The Singing Fish Of Batticaloa
  12. Sean Filkins – Epitaph For A Mariner
  13. Chac Mool – Mundo Feliz
  14. Leyenda Mística – La Llorona
  15. Toccata – Futuro Amanecer
  16. Wildebeest – Tribal Fence
  17. Wildebeest – Living Drummers
  18. Karibow – The Impossible
  19. Yes – Onward

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Edition 158 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


The Five Hundred – Bleed Red
Sectile – The Hunt

The Ocean Collective – Devonian: Nascent
VOLA – Whaler

Live at 11: Fates Warning at ProgPower USA XVII, Centre Stage, Atlanta on Friday 9th September 2016

Valley of the Dolls (live)
Guardian (live)
Exodus (live)

Motherjane – No Contest
Labyrinth – Bullets

Album of the Week: Queensrÿche – Rage For Order

Screaming In Digital
I Dream In Infrared
Walk In The Shadows

Alkaloid – Funeral For A Continent

ABBA – The Visitors

Muse – Pressure

el tubo elástico – Impala Formidable

Encircled – Chasing The Ghost

Napier’s Bones – Free To Choose

Steve Hackett – Little American*

Steve Hackett – The Golden Age of Steam*

Public Service Broadcasting – White Star Liner

Outstation – Protected by the Frequencies of Distant Ancient Memory

Jethro Tull – Baker St Muse (excerpt)

ELP – Romeo & Juliet

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Stand Up

  • From Dead Bob’s Boxset of the Week, ‘Broken Skies, Outspread Wings’ by Steve Hackett

Edition 128 of THE PROG MILL – first broadcast on Progzilla Radio Sunday 21st October, is now available to listen to anytime or download as a mp3 file. Two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock and another CD Giveaway.

This Week’s Prog Mill Playlist

1 Martin Barre – Roads Less Travelled (Roads Less Travelled)
2 Marble House – To Make Ends Meet (Embers)
3 Andrea Tich – La Mia Pace, La Tua Guerra (Parlero Dentro Te)
4 Syndrone – No Sin (Mysoginia)
5 Karmamoi – Mothers Dirge (The Day Is Done)
6 John Holden – Crimson Sky (Capture Light)
7 Pinn Dropp – Human Corporate Machine (Perfectly Flawed)
8 Echoes of Giants – Not Going Back (The Way to Us)
9 Evership – Wanderer (Evership II)
10 It Bites – The Ice Melts Into Water (Whole New World)
11 El Tubo Elastico – Turriptosis Nutricula (Impala)
12 Abraham Music Project – Horizon (First The Honesty, Then The Promise)
13 Riversea – All Around The World (Orchestral Version) (Out of an Ancient World)
14 Machiavel – Johan’s Brother Told Me (Machiavel)

If you missed the show – the podcast will be online shortly with links right here. You can also hear The Prog Mill every week at these times on Progzilla Radio ( + via the tune in radio app + internet radios)

Sundays 10pm – Midnight UK (2100UTC) – MAIN BROADCAST
Tuesdays 3-5am UK (0200UTC) – for North America (Mon 7pm Pacific and 10pm Eastern)
Tuesdays 11pm-1am UK (2200 UTC)
Saturdays 6-8pm UK (1700UTC) an nice easy time to listen during Saturday teatime

Back next week with the draw for the John Holden competition and a chance to win brand new music from DARK BEAUTY!

Northern Star 18th October 2018.



Northern Star – Theme

  1. Boston – Corporate America
  2. Dream Theater – Endless sacrifice
  3. Neshiima – The Forfeit
  4. Pierre Minivelle – Lorsque
  5. Barclay James Harvest – Galadriel
  6. Public Service Broadcasting – Theme from PSB
  7. Saul Blease – Angel of Mons
  8. The swan Chorus – – The House that jack built
  9. Andromeda Anarchia – – Shameless virgin
  10. Post human Dream – Electric tribe
  11. The Room – Behind The Silence
  12. Landmarq – Mountains of Anglia
  13. Villainous – Ephemeral
  14. Orange clocks – Space Witch
  15. Coheed & Cambria – Queen of the Dark
  16. Post Modern Jukebox – Creep
  17. Hell city – Flesh & Bones
  18. Infictions – Climatics
  19. Anathema – Eternal Rise of the sun
  20. Beggars Opera – I’ve No idea
  21. Airbag – Speed of light
  22. Big Big Train – Underfall Yard (live)

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