Top 100 Modern Prog Classics

Progzilla Radio is proud to announce a search for the modern classics of the music we love to call prog!

We are asking you the live, loving record buying listeners to select the top 100 modern prog immortals. The new Suppers Ready, Close To The Edge or Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers are just a vote away.

The rules are simple: No tracks from before 1990, no revisited classics or reimagined versions. We are not making any other rules. All countries, all sub genres, all variations – we are not defining what you see as progressive rock.

One person one vote – select your top 5 (I know it’s hard) tracks on this Survey Monkey link. We will collate the results and the in week leading up to the spring bank Holiday – which is May 25th – we will be playing all 100 tracks live on air. The final top 10 will be played by Stacy on his Prog Britannia show leading up to the drum roll and the new classic tracks.

Get your votes in folks – we will stop taking votes on May 10th!