Top 100 Modern Prog Classics – The Final Countdown

Here’s the complete list of our top 100 chart, as voted by you, our faithful listeners:

1 Big Big Train East Coast Racer
2 Frost* Milliontown
3 Big Big Train The Underfall Yard
4 Frost* Black Light Machine
5 The Flower Kings The Truth Will Set You Free
6 Marillion Neverland
7 Big Big Train Victorian Brickwork
8 Transatlantic The Whirlwind
9 Porcupine Tree Anaesthetize
10 Pink Floyd High Hopes
11 The Tangent In Earnest
12 The Enid The One And The Many
13 Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused to Sing
14 Transatlantic Stranger In Your Soul
15 Transatlantic All Of The Above
16 Porcupine Tree Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
17 Spock’s Beard At The End Of The Day
18 Flower Kings Garden Of Dreams
19 Frost* Hyperventilate
20 Pendragon Indigo
21 Marillion Invisible Man
22 Yes Mind Drive
23 Karmakanic Send A Message From The Heart
24 Flower Kings Stardust We Are
25 IQ Seventh House
26 Arena Butterfly Man
27 Discipline Canto IV
28 Lifesigns Carousel
29 Big Big Train Curator Of Butterflies
30 Steven Wilson Drive Home
31 Spock’s Beard Great Nothing
32 IQ Harvest of Souls
33 Big Big Train Hedgerow
34 Echolyn Mei
35 Dream Theater Octavarium
36 IQ Road of Bones
37 Riverside Second Life Syndrome
38 Marillion This Strange Engine
39 Cosmograf White Car
40 Galahad Guardian Angel
41 Echolyn Island
42 Porcupine Tree Lazarus
43 Frost* Dividing Line
44 Mike Keneally Pretty Enough for Girls
45 Moon Safari Lovers End Part 3
46 Transatlantic Duel With The Devil
47 Pallas Ghostdancers
48 Big Big Train First Rebreather
49 IQ Darkest Hour
50 Steven Wilson Holy Drinker
51 Cardiacs Dirty Boy
52 Anglagard Kung Bore
53 Pallas Falling Down
54 Big Big Train Judas Unrepentant
55 Spock’s Beard The Light
56 Kevin Gilbert Long Day’s Life
57 Moon Safari Other Half Of The Sky
58 Trojan Horse Paper Bells
59 Dream Theater Spirit Carries On
60 Pendragon This Green And Pleasant Land
61 Steven Wilson Home Invasion/Regret #9
62 IQ Narrow Margin
63 Radiohead Paranoid Android
64 The Tangent Place In The Queue
65 Lifesigns Telephone
66 Pendragon Voyager
67 The Gift Willows
68 Haken Cockroach King
69 Cosmograf Man Left In Space
70 Von Hertzen Brothers Always Been Right
71 Pink Floyd Anisina
72 Cosmograf Aspire, Achieve
73 Erik Norlander Astrology Prelude
74 Galahad Battle Scars
75 Porcupine Tree Blackest Eyes
76 Manning Charlestown
77 Kaipa Complex Work of Art
78 Riverside Conceiving You
79 Cardiacs Fiery Gun Hand
80 IQ Frequency
81 The Flower Kings I Am The Sun
82 Dream Theater Pull Me Under
83 Genesis Driving The Last Spike
84 Lifesigns Lighthouse
85 Kino Loser’s Day Parade
86 Nemo Reflets
87 Steven Wilson Luminol
88 Moon Safari Mega Moon
89 Tangent The Music That Died Alone
90 IQ Ryker Skies
91 Ritual Seasong For The Moominpappa
92 Galahad Seize The Day
93 Mostly Autumn Shrinking Violet
94 Credo Staring At The Sun
95 Steven Wilson Watchmaker
96 Tim Bowness Smiler At 50
97 Public Service Broadcasting Spitfire
98 Fierce And The Dead Spooky Action
99 Tiger Moth Tales Don’t Let Go, Feels Alright
100 Beardfish Sleeping In Traffic