The Progressive Rock show, guest presented by Stevie-Iona Vaughan, broadcast Sunday 30th January 2022

The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 30th January 2022 guest presented by Stevie-Iona Vaughan

Artist Title Album
Steve Vai Liberty Passion & Warfare
ELP Hoedown (live) Welcome Back My Friends….
Yes The Messenger (live) Live In The House of Blues
Caravan Winter Wine In The Land of Grey and Pink
Led Zeppelin Hot Dog In Through The Out Door
Antique Seeking Nuns Double Egg Double Egg With Chips and Beans
Haken Cockroach King The Mountain
Spiralmaze Multiverse Back To The Center
Nick Fletcher Cycles of Behaviour Cycles of Behaviour
Nick Fletcher Hope In Your Eyes Cycles of Behaviour
Nick Fletcher Tyrant and Knave Cycles of Behaviour
London Philharmonic Orchestra In Carasgaladthon Lord of the Rings
Vangelis Nucleogenesis Part 1 Albedo 0.39