The Lost BobCasts – Not The AmericanPrög Show 002 Remastered

Before Dead Bob, before Sandford Hospital Radio, before background music, before jingles, there was just music. Remastered, albeit from the already heavily compressed mp3 version (the .wav masters have long gone), we present for you, warts and all, the second ever NTAPS, featuring:


Twombley Burwash – Cabaret Night

John Bassett – Break the Wall

ASIWYFA – Lifeproof

Cardiacs – Fairy Mary Mag

Chris Squire – You By My Side

Magic Pie – The Silent Giant

Mogwai – Batcat

The Flower Kings – A King’s Prayer

The Aristocrats – Waves (live)

It Bites – Vampires

A.C.T – The End