The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 7th Nov 2022

Where has the time gone these past weeks ?? Our seventh show with Progzilla is now up for grabs and with a WEALTH of new stuff lined up  – how can you go wrong ?? Dive in and enjoy the ride folks – Steve & Lou xxx

Performing for you this week, we have…………

Yes – Parallels

Porcupine Tree – Way Out Of Here

The Hayley Griffiths Band – Melanie

The Prophets Of Zarquon – The Barrow: Omega Wave

Manticore – The Wood

Mad Fellaz – Candy Store

Grice – Damage Done

Ricky Patel – The Prow

Kiko Loureiro – Vital Signs

Dave Larue – Hub City Kid

Steve Morse Band – Gentle Flower, Hidden Beast

Flying Colors  – The Loss Inside (Live)

Dixie Dregs – Cruise Control

Frank Zappa – Cosmic Debris (Live)

David Paich  – Spirit Of The Moonrise

Joe Satriani – Memories (Live)

Fluctus Quadratum – Acquiescence II

Solstice – Light Up

Rocking Horse Music Club – Circus Of Wire Dolls

Divided By Design – Establish

Sheer Cerebral Power – Sucker Punch

Whimsical – Flamboyant