The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 4th May 2023

Wow, in our new time slot now folks – no stopping us !! Ironically, we had this slot with MMH when I first started with them 8 years ago !! Anyway, just in case you missed it, here it is in all its glory, lined up and good to go – JUST 4 U………………. Have  a great weekend guys, Steve & Lou xx

This week.

Toot Farangi – Harvest The Ripe

Lydian Collective with Capital Orchestra – High 555 (Live)

Public Service Broadcasting – E.V.A.

Legs On Wheels – Marco Polo Goes To The Movies

Hawkwind – The Future Never Waits

Dream Theater – New Millenium (Live)

Soen – Lunacy

Fate’s Warning – And Yet It Moves

Tool – Intolerance

Blind Ego – The Pulse

Dead Soul Tribe – Spiders & Flies

OSI – Cold Call

Threshold – Shifting Sands

ESP Project – Flying Deeper – Power Revealed – Reawakening

Karmic Juggernaut – Atomus Camera Obscura

Simone Cozzetto – Oblivion