The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 3rd Oct 2022

OK you lucky people, here we are again with another three hour blast of all thing PROG to kick-start your day/week/month.

Click away and enjoy the ride – Steve & Lou xx

(and by the way, the CD has been won !!)

This time.

Mangala Vallis – The Book Of Dreams

Arena – Part Of You

Proportions – The Odd Land Of Nod

Tangerine Dream – Genesis Of Precious Thoughts

Virtual Symmetry – Virtual Symmetry

It Bites – Wallflower

Galaxy – Look Into My Eyes

Six By Six  – Reason To Feel Calm Again

Dream Theater – Lie (Live)

King’s X – All God’s Children

Toto – Dave’s Gone Skiing

Styx – Suite Madame Blue

Marillion – Gaza

Marcelo Paganini – Learn To Love To Wait

Grydgaard – Palace Of Peace

Moon Letters – Child Of Tomorrow

The Utopia Strong – Castalia

Bjorn Riis – Dark Shadows Pt 2