The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 30th May 2024

Once more we venture down the untrodden path of Progalicious Soundz to bring you yet another three hour SPECTACULAR to keep you buzzin’ ‘n smoozin’ into the early hours. Hope you can join us – Steve & Lou xxxx

This week…………..

Reegonetti Band – Star In The Sky

Jean-Luc Ponty – Egocentric Molecules

Sound On Purpose – Miss Butterfly

The Flower Kings – Big Puzzle (Live)

Eloy – Patay

Flame Dream – Winding Paths

Riverside – Hybrid Times

Karmakanic – Where The Earth Meets The Sky

It Bites – This Is England

Yes – To The Moment

Marillion – The New Kings (Live)

Porcupine Tree – Even Less (Live)

Sound&Shape – How To Talk To Ghosts

Azure – Trench Of Nalu

The Cyberiam – Wrong Turn